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Cooling Stand

  • The SVALT Cooling Stand uses best-in-class cooling performance with top-spec components, high-quality materials and a user reconfigurable modular system to go beyond what has been done before for those who demand the most from themselves and their equipment.
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  • The Cooling Stand not only goes to extremes for cooling performance, it includes a fully modular system that uses high-end components and extra heavy metal structure. Each component is designed to endure, and is otherwise easily serviceable, replaceable and upgradeable with standard bolt and snap connections.

    The Cooling Stand modular system has been updated with a new second generation design for the Laptop Support Arms and Adjustable Laptop Pads that help the Cooling Stand exceed its previous unmatched levels of cooling performance and advance the pursuit of extreme but quiet cooling performance. The new arms and pads shift the laptop position forward, include 77% larger air channel cutouts for improved cooling airflow along the surface of the laptop’s aluminum enclosure and include adjustable padding for a tailored laptop fit that only covers 0.1% of a 16-inch MacBook Pro’s bottom surface area, which leaves 99.9% of the laptop’s aluminum enclosure exposed for improved heat extraction.

    All Cooling Stand model S and S Pro ship with the new arms and pads. Existing model S and S Pro customers can order a new arm and pad upgrade with partial refund on returned original arms, while existing S Mini customers can support a laptop and convert to a S Pro model with a new arm and pad modular component.

    See the New Arm Press Release to learn more about the new arm and pad design.

Running demanding apps on a laptop or driving an external display can generate the kind of heat that reduces performance and degrades hardware reliability.

In controlled testing with a 16-inch MacBook Pro the S Pro reduced enclosure temp by up to 114%, increased processor power by up 48% and had up to 47% higher Geekbench score.

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