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Turn your laptop into a workhorse

Unleash the power to do more

Create a more open, ergonomic and productive laptop workstation.


Disable laptop display to help drive multiple external displays.


Accommodate a wide variety of laptops without any modification.


Easily access laptop power button for quick clamshell mode setup.


Made for those who want the best

At Cinco our laptops are workhorses. We’re pushing them day-in and day-out. Heavy imaging, editing, rendering… Some days it was like they were literally cooking. But no more! Our SVALT D's keep them chill and let us use them like true workstations.

- Kirk James, Principal and CCO of Cinco


I have noticed an increase in the speed of my MacBook Pro and a huge decrease in the fan noise. I am able to do my work considerably faster than before. If you're looking at preventing your MacBook from throttling, this is a safe buy.

- Gotham Chandna, Engadget review

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