Running pro apps and gaming on a laptop can generate the kind of heat that reduces performance and degrades hardware reliability.


The SVALT Cooling Dock’s aluminum heatsink and powerful fan directly cool compatible laptop processors to help unlock peak performance potential and tackle high-demand workloads.


In controlled testing, SVALT helped reduce throttling and deliver up to 154% higher Turbo Boost speed, 21% higher Geekbench Score, 97% higher graphics power, and 30% faster frame rate.


Help preserve laptop battery, screen and keyboard life, while creating a more open, ergonomic and productive laptop workstation with external display and keyboard of your choice. 


Leaning support and adjustable pad help accommodate a wide variety of laptops without modification, while providing access to laptop power button for quick clamshell mode setup.


At Cinco our laptops are workhorses. We’re pushing them day-in and day-out. Heavy imaging, editing, rendering… Some days it was like they were literally cooking. But no more! Our SVALT D's keep them chill and let us use them like true workstations.

- Kirk James, Principal & CCO Cinco


The first thing I noticed is how heavy & solidly built the product is. The SVALT D2 is an impressive piece of equipment & great for pro-level computing. I see this being a huge benefit when there is limited desk space & the need for additional ventilation.

- Nicholas Calderone, Mac Sources