SVALT D Performance Cooling Dock

The SVALT D2 is coming soon!
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    Orders for the original launch edition dock have ended, but the SVALT D2 will be available soon!

    Designed for professionals and those that demand the best, the SVALT D boosts laptop cooling to reduce processor throttling and unlock maximum power for photo and video editing, 3D modeling, rendering, gaming, and other intense workloads.

    The SVALT D transforms Apple MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air laptops into high-productivity desktop workstations without requiring any laptop modification:
    - Transforms laptop into desktop workstation.
    - Single computer solution for mobile and office.
    - Compact product footprint for open desktop.
    - Stable leaning laptop support configuration.
    - Adjustable pad accommodates wide range of devices.
    - Easy access to laptop power button avoids dropping.
    - Design does not any require laptop modification.
    - Supplements laptop’s built-in cooling system.
    - See Innovative By Design to learn more.

    The SVALT D uses a massive 2lb aluminum heat sink and powerful desktop fan to drive cooling air directly onto processors for industry-shattering performance results:
    - Reduces/eliminates processor throttling.
    - Increases performance under throttling.
    - Reduces/eliminates system overheating.
    - Expands system cooling capacity and reserve.
    - Reduces internal laptop fan load/noise.
    - Preserves internal laptop screen service life.
    - Optimizes graphics for external displays.
    - Increases productivity and return on investment.
    - Powerful 12 volt fan directly cools CPU/GPU.
    - Massive 2 lbs heat sink passively cools CPU/GPU.
    - External power reduces laptop heat gain.
    - See Performance By Design to learn more.

    The SVALT D leaves a mark of refined style and sophistication as a precision-crafted workspace furnishing made in America with quality materials and manufacturing:
    - Sculpted from solid aerospace grade aluminum.
    - Elevates and prominently displays premium laptops.
    - Fit and finish to match with Apple products.
    - Quality materials, manufacturing, and customer service.
    - Hand assembled and crafted with passion.
    - Designed in Portland, OR, USA.
    - Made in USA, includes foreign electronic parts.
    - See Quality By Design to learn more.

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    To learn how to setup a SVALT D workstation with a compatible laptop, please see Laptop Clamshell Setup.

    The push bottom switch controls on/off power. The fan runs at a fixed medium-speed for a balance of cooling and audio performance.

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    See Laptop Compatibility.

    1700RPM fixed speed with long life ball bearing.

    100-240V AC input and 12V output with one of the following outlet plugs: Type A (USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan), Type C (Europe, South America, Asia), Type G (United Kingdom, Ireland), or Type I (Australia, New Zealand, China).
    A Replacement Power Supply is available to purchase separately.

    The dock’s aluminum cradle comes with a high-end aluminum anodized finish, which is a custom finishing process that may include some color variation between parts. The bottom surface of product is considered non-cosmetic finish and includes two #10-24 threaded holes that can be used for mounting the SVALT D in a fixed position if desired.

    Contents placed in a compact product box that is reusable for storage and transport: SVALT D, power supply, cable management strap, and hex key for sliding pad adjustment.

    - Shipping Package Dimensions: 6.0” wide x 6.0” deep x 6.0” tall.
    - Shipping Package Weight (US power): 2.7 pounds.
    - Product Package Dimensions: 5.4” wide x 4.6” deep x 4.3” tall.
    - Product Package Weight (US power): 2.5 pounds.
    - Product Dimensions: 4.8” wide x 4.1” deep x 4.1” tall.
    - Product Weight: 2.0 pounds.

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    SVALT is proud to have Cinco, one of Portland’s leading brand and product design agencies, using the SVALT D. Kirk James, Principal and CCO of Cinco, uses a dock for his personal workstation: “They’re the solution to a problem I didn’t realize I had.” And he had this to say for the office:

    At Cinco our laptops are workhorses. We’re pushing them day-in and day-out. Heavy imaging, editing, rendering… Some days it was like they were literally cooking. But no more! Our Svalt D's keep them chill and let’s us use them like true workstations.

    Ross G. from the United Kingdom, MacBook Pro:

    Just wanted to say thank you for my new SVALT Cooler. I received it today, a day ahead of schedule. International shipping was faultless and speedy and I was eager to set it up with my late 2013 MacBook Pro and my external monitor, I had been using a generic cooling pad with it and was only seeing a tiny temperature difference, but with my new SVALT I'm seeing consistently lower temperatures both in OS X and Windows 10. Gaming under windows is much better with cooler temps and more space available on my meagre desk. To save the hassle of opening my Mac to switch on every time, I have started using "sleep" and I only need to press the Bluetooth trackpad or keyboard to wake up and get to work. Or play! On a technical side, the build quality seems high, and it really suits the design aesthetic of Apple products. The fan is whisper quite, more so than the built in fans themselves. Well done on a great little product.

    Robert S. from United States, 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro (Robert's see Testing Tab for independent test results and at 3DMark):

    I have been looking for something exactly like the SVALT D to give my rMBP proper cooling when I'm gaming, and now I am not getting throttling of the GPU anymore, even when playing Elite Dangerous with GPU overclocked and set to maximum 15% boost at 45 FPS. I wouldn’t have tried overclocking with the throttling I was seeing before, I was too afraid of melting my laptop hardware. Now my in-game experience has been flawless! Bottom line, you’ve saved my laptop and improved my gaming experience, I love it! I think the SVALT D is one of the only true ways to cool these laptops, plus it is very well designed. The level of quality and solidness really impresses me. Others would have likely cut corners in places, such as the weight, aluminum manufacturing and design aesthetics, but SVALT did not.

    Marek B. from United States, MacBook Pro Retina:

    I received the first order only today, but from what I saw thus far, the dock is very convenient and effective at keeping the MacBook Pro from revving up the fans, even with the cooler fan off. The dock also shows very good stability, fit, grip, and its fan noise with the silencer plugged in is low. The recent iteration of Apple's operating system, El Capitan, enabled the 2013 MacBook Pro's with NVidia graphics to support two 4k monitors or one 5k screen, just like the 2015 models. Unfortunately, connecting high resolution external monitors increases temps and fan noise of the laptop even at light workloads, and more so with additional thunderbolt peripherals plugged. With the Svalt dock, the laptop fans are not spinning up higher while doing everyday office work on two 4k screens with other thunderbolt peripherals plugged. I'm getting 50-60C-level temps without the dock fan running. That's what I sought, the elimination of high temps/noise for everyday office-type of work and music/video playback on high resolution external screens with the Mac used as a closed lid workstation. I've used 2 other brand docks before, but they seemed to increase the temp/noise issues, and did not keep the laptop with good grip or in optimal position. To be sure, I'm already very happy . . . Best dock ever!

    Robert S. from United States (Amazon customer), MacBook Pro with 15-inch Retina:

    I am using it without the adapter, and not noticing any sound anyway, so all is great with that, and the system overall is functioning amazingly!  No more super loud fan noise kicking in from the the internal fans on the computer.  What a relief, I used to get a bit of anxiety every time they would juice up!

    Eric S. from Canada, 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro:

    I have been using the SVALT D for a couple days now and I am pleasantly surprised! I’ve owned multiple MacBook Pro’s, and all of them overheated like crazy. I’ve owned cooling mats before and now I realize how useless they were. I used to unscrew the bottom of my laptop and place it on the cooling pad! This is like a computer version of an automotive cold air intake! So great! I wish I had this years ago! It reduced my computer lag, and it’s much better at keeping it cool! This should be sold at the Apple Store, seriously! Thanks again for all of your help!

    Heath H. from United States (LinkedIn Comment):

    Great product, I look for perfection in everything I use and this certainly hits the mark!

    Terry D. from Australia, MacBook Air:

    My little MacBook Air has a very, very cool new home. Thank you for your fantastic support, quick shipping, and such a superb product!

    Ben G. from United States, 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro:

    Running architecture modeling software on Windows virtual OS was always jamming up and lagging before I had my SVALT D. The SVALT D resolved those issues, and now my computer has become snappier and I have regained my productivity.

    Andrey M. from United States, 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro:

    I like its simple and clean design, and functionality as a stand and active cooling unit. Thank you SVALT for the great and promising product!

    Enzo D. from France:

    Just got the Svalt today. Awesome piece of hardware. Great packaging. Transit delays are so short, that is a good surprise. 

    Yann H. from United Kingdom:

    Looks great on my desk. Keep up the good work!

    Guillaume D. from France:

    I like the design, full weight and small footprint on my desk.

    See Example Workstations, Freelance Workstations and Gaming Workstations.

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    The SVALT D's Built-In Fan Sets it Apart From Other MacBook Docks

    MacRumors by Juli Clover and Matt Gonzalez on August 4, 2015:
    We went hands-on with the Svalt D to test the claims that it reduces temperature and speeds up performance, and we were impressed with how it worked. Made up of a two-pound block of aluminum, the Svalt D is an attractive, sturdy stand that matches well with Apple's line of MacBooks. - Juli Clover
    Overall this is a really good way to keep your macbook cool while working with an external monitor and also functions as a nice looking stand. - Matt Gonzalez



    Svalt D keeps your MacBook from falling victim to heat exhaustion

    designboom by Piotr Boruslawski on July 15, 2015:
    the latest apple macbook laptops have become so thin, they’ve started to leave behind important heat distribution fans that end [up] reducing the general performance due to extremely hot temperatures. the svalt ‘d’ performance cooling vertical dock helps prevent all that by making sure macbooks of any size are always the right temperature. anchored by a two pound aluminum heat sink, a powerful fan flows fresh air over the laptop’s processor unit to reduce cpu throttling which will help when working with intensive photo and video editing software.

    The Week in Mac Accessories

    Macworld by Joel Mathis on June 10, 2015

    The Unique SVALT Laptop Stand Removes Heat From The MacBook

    Back To The Mac by ONE on May 22, 2015:
    Translation: For those with covered MacBooks, the summer season is when you worry about the heat. The SVALT offers a rare vertical cooling platform, with massive heat sink and fan to remove air and per the manufacture accelerate cooling.

    CES 2015: SVALT Launches Stylish Cooling Dock for Apple MacBooks

    MacRumors by Juli Clover on January 8, 2015

    CES 2015 - Svalt D Laptop Cooling Dock

    Good Dog Digital on January 8, 2015



    Svalt al CES 2015 || Un dissipatore per i MacBook

    Tom’s Hardware by Roberto Buonanno on January 12, 2015



    CES 2015: Svalt zorgt voor een koele MacBook

    Dutch Cowboys by Rob Blaauboer on January 9, 2015



    SVALT D: Cooling Dock for MacBooks

    iPhoneness by CIIN COOL FINDS on July 28, 2015:
    Many of us connect our laptops to external displays to use them as a desktop computer. You don’t want your laptop to overheat and experience performance issues though. The SVALT D is a stylish vertical dock with a two pound aluminum heat sink and a powerful fan to keep your laptop’s processor cool. The SVALT D dock is compatible with select MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. It looks sleek and lets you use your laptop in closed-screen clamshell mode with fewer performance issues. A Silence Adapter is available if you are looking for a quiet solution.

    SVALT D – a stylish stand for cooling MacBook

    UNLOCKPWD on January 2015:
    SVALT D – is a stylish stand for MacBook. Her body is made of anodized aluminum and is like no other design merges with laptops from Apple. In places of contact with the laptop stand has rubber parts to avoid the possibility of scratches and abrasions.

    CES 2015: SVALT Cooling MacBook Dock

    iappletech128 on January 8, 2015:
    MacBooks are great, but sometimes they get a little hot. There are many fan cooling stands available, but very few docks. Those who want to connect their Mac to an external display and close the lid could benefit from this. If you’re doing something taxing on your system like exporting a video you may have noticed that the fans kick on not too long after the export process starts. That’s where the SVALT D comes in. It’s a dock for your MacBook that has one big cooling fan to make sure your Mac’s fans don’t start.

    CES 2015 : SVALT D, un support qui refroidit aussi votre MacBook

    Macg by Nicolas Furno on January 9, 2015:
    Translation: The designer of this product has shrewdly added fan support. The Mac is positioned hinge down and back against the fan. Thus configured, the SVALT D not only serves to keep the Mac logo upright right, but also cool. On all MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, the hinge is also where the built-in fans vent. The fan in the stand is bigger and it thus amplifies the cooling phenomenon by increasing the volume of hot air extracted from the computer.

    Interesante dock para el Macbook: SVALT D

    Soy de Mac by Jordi Gimenez on January 9, 2015:
    Translation: It can surely be a good ally for those more demanding users with MacBook as it allows a more effective cooling of the machine and its internal components, getting extended the longterm life.

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    How can I tell if my laptop is throttling?
    If you are experiencing slow performance or you hear your laptop’s internal fans running at maximum speed then there’s a high probability your laptop is throttling performance and in need of supplemental cooling. When the computer is throttling the peak Turbo Boost or multi-core processor speeds will drop, which causes performance to slow and temperatures to decrease. Processor speed throttling is a normal occurrence with laptops as they have smaller and often underpowered cooling systems that are unable to keep up with heavy workloads, such as gaming, video editing, photo editing, and 3D rendering. The SVALT D has been specifically designed to reduce or eliminate throttling and unlock your laptop's maximum performance potential. A powerful desktop sized fan drives cooling air onto the CPU/GPU processors to reduce or eliminate throttling and unlock your laptop's performance potential. The SVALT D’s two pound aluminum cradle acts as a massive heat sink located right next to the heat generating CPU/GPU, so even when the fan is turned off the additional heat sink will help to cool the laptop. See Laptop Throttling, Performance By Design and Innovative By Design.

    Will it help preserve laptop life?
    Computers can generate a significant amount of heat, and depending on a number of factors, that heat can reduce hardware life and reliability, so as a general rule, hardware life and reliability can be increased by reducing hardware’s exposure to high temperatures. Clamshell mode uses an external monitor that disables and preserves the built-in display. Clamshell mode also uses an external power supply so does not go through additional battery cycles. See the Laptop Throttling and Laptop Compatibility.

    How does it provide laptop stability?
    The SVALT D has been specifically designed to create a stable vertical stand for your laptop, while also providing easy laptop operation with the innovative leaning support configuration. The support cradle’s two pound mass combined with non-skid bottom pads keep the SVALT D and your laptop securely in place. All dimensions of the SVALT D have been carefully selected through extensive 3D design work and physical testing to prevent tipping while creating the smallest desktop footprint. See Innovative By Design.

    Can I use USB power from my laptop?
    The SVALT D has been designed from the ground up to reduce heat and increase performance without creating excessive sound. USB power will drive a smaller, less powerful and noisier 6-volt fan, but it will not drive the larger, more powerful and more sound efficient 12-volt fan used in the SVALT D. Using USB power has another disadvantage, as the power must be pulled from laptop’s power system and this has the potential to generate additional internal heat, as well as using power that otherwise could have been used by the computer system. Finally, the SVALT D has been designed as a solid piece of desktop furnishing for your laptop, not as mobile or light-duty accessory. See Innovative By Design.

    Does dust need to be cleaned?
    As with any air cooled computer it is recommended that you inspect your laptop for dust and remove dust build up on a regular basis. Dust accumulation with or without supplemental cooling will vary depending on operational hours and the amount of dust in the environment. A MacBook Pro with 15-Inch Retina Display laptop was opened to inspect for dust after approximately 4,000 hours of operation with a SVALT D in an environment considered to be dustier than a typical professional office. Only a slight amount of dust was found, and a quick blow from a hand pump blower easily removed the dust that had lightly accumulated around the internal fan, at the air intake and adjacent fan blades. The same laptop with same setup had virtually zero dust accumulation after approximately 2,000 hours of operation. If you attempt to clean dust from your laptop then take care and seek professional services as required. iFixit is a great resource with Mac laptop repair guides and repair tools, such as P5 Pentalobe Screwdriver, anti-static wrist strap and mat, dust blower, as well as a guide to electrostatic discharge.

    What about non-Retina MacBook Pros?
    Non-Retina Pros are not compatible as a result of the older model’s built-in cooling system configuration and enclosure thickness. See Laptop Compatibility.

    What does SVALT mean?
    The word “svalt” is a made up variation on the French word “svelte” that means suave, slender, graceful, elegant, cool and having clean lines, combined with the Swedish and Danish word “sval” that means cool. See About SVALT.

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