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SVALT D Performance Cooling Dock with MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina display close up

Elegant Performance

The name SVALT is a variation of the French word “svelte,” meaning graceful and elegant, and the Swedish word “sval,” meaning elegant and cool. Designer Chad Kirkpatrick started SVALT for the opportunity to explore extreme designs and create uncompromising best-in-class solutions for professionals and the design orientated. As a result, the SVALT Cooling Dock is an exotic hyper-performance product belonging more to the world of art and luxury furnishings than to the world of mass-produced consumer electronics.

SVALT Cooling Dock packaging


Design, prototyping, testing, raw material selection, manufacturing, quality control, assembly and fulfillment, every step of the process has been refined to produce a product of substance and quality. The first step of the manufacturing process takes place several months before final assembly when a massive press pushes aerospace grade aluminum through a custom die to create the SVALT Cooling Dock cradle profile. The extrusions are then cut into sections and mounted onto a custom cell fixture by skilled technicians at one of the most advanced cell machining centers on the west coast. The aluminum docks then go through a multi-step hand finishing process that took a year of refinement to achieve a finish with optimal texture, brightness, reflectivity and luster. The finished aluminum docks are then carefully hand assembled with twenty-five other parts, most of which are custom made in the Portland area. After assembly is complete, each Cooling Dock is tested, packaged and inspected by multiple people before shipping to customers.

SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock at Made Here PDX retail store

Ethically Made

SVALT is a local company that designs and manufactures it products in Portland, Oregon. Making a product like the SVALT Cooling Dock requires a large team with a diverse set of capabilities, and working locally allows Chad to connect directly with nearly the entire team in a single morning. This direct connection helps the team to know what they are making, why they are making it, and as a result feel a sense of attachment and commitment to the final product and to the customer. This direct connection also extends to customer service, as Chad personally attends to all customer and outreach communications. This personal care and attention to detail results in a better product and better customer experience. It is our hope that by making the SVALT Cooling Dock locally and by treating people with respect and kindness, that we can do our part in helping society and the environment.

You can learn more about SVALT through Portland Business Journal’s article.

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