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SVALT Cooling Dock packaging

The name SVALT is derived from the French word “svelte,” meaning graceful & elegant, and the Swedish word “sval,” meaning elegant & cool.

SVALT was founded by Chad Kirkpatrick as a product design studio in 2011 after a 15 year architecture career focused on sustainability, passive heating/cooling, and responsive design: “My goal with SVALT is to make the best products that I can; products that are as much art as tech, and as much objects of substance as machines engineered for performance. This focus allows me to drill down into the hyper-niche where I can pursue the most extreme designs and obsessive over the smallest details to create high-end products for professionals and others that demand the most from themselves and their equipment.” This approach has helped SVALT create best-in-class products with a wide set of features unique within the market, while Chad’s lifelong focus on sustainability drives him to push boundaries within the consumer electronics market for customers that value more sustainable products.

Designed to Endure
SVALT products are made primarily from durable metal construction and are designed to endure with the use of flexible laptop support systems, stronger bolted assemblies, modular cooling systems, standard 2/3/4-pin fan connections, tools included for right-to-repair disassembly, and a variety of product upgrades. This means that SVALT products are not only made to last with metal construction but are more easily serviced, repaired, reconfigured and upgraded for extended use. This approach allows SVALT to pursue continued refinement and improvement, so instead of forcing customers to buy an entirely new product, customers can upgrade components or entire products for additional device compatibility, new features or improved performance. The reuse of existing materials helps reduce environmental impact, while the product’s primary metal construction allows for more viable consumer recycling.

Crafted with Care
SVALT designs and manufactures locally with care in Portland, Oregon, United States. By working locally SVALT’s founder Chad can shorten supply chains while connecting directly with the people that make parts from the owner to operator. In a single morning Chad can meet personally with nearly the entire team throughout the design, development and production phases. This direct connection also extends to customer service, as Chad personally attends to customer communications and orders. This personal care and attention to detail results in a better product and a better customer experience.

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