• SVALT Cooling Dock silver finish
  • SVALT D1 Performance Cooling Dock in black and white
  • SVALT Cooling Dock silver finish

Meaning & Purpose

The name SVALT is derived from the French word “svelte,” meaning graceful & elegant, and the Swedish word “sval,” meaning elegant & cool.

Launched January 2015 at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES), SVALT is a design studio located in Portland, Oregon. Designer Chad Kirkpatrick started SVALT for the opportunity to explore hyper-niche products that are as much about art as tech, and as much about craft as performance.

  • a group image of SVALT Cooling Dock aluminum cradles
  • a group image of SVALT Cooling Dock cut aluminum extrusions
  • SVALT Cooling Dock aluminum cradles cut from solid aluminum
  • a group image of SVALT Cooling Docks


Creating first-of-its-kind SVALT Cooling Dock required tens of thousands of hours over the course of years. Each step of the design and manufacturing process was focus on creating an object of substance. For instance, the manufacturing and assembly of a single aluminum dock requires several months of work.

The process begins with a massive press that pushes aerospace grade aluminum through a custom die to create the dock’s cradle profile. The extrusions are then cut into sections, mounted onto a custom cell fixture and cut to sharp. After deburring and cleaning, the parts are inspected, packaged and sent to finishing where they go through a multi-step hand finishing process that took a year of refinement to achieve the desired texture, brightness, reflectivity and luster. The finished aluminum docks are then inspected and carefully hand assembled with twenty-five other parts, most of which are custom made in the Portland area. After assembly is complete, each product is inspected, tested, cleaned and packaged for customer shipment.

SVALT Cooling Dock packaging

Ethically Made

SVALT designs and manufactures locally in Portland, Oregon. That puts SVALT within a small group of local consumer electronic product companies. Making a product like the SVALT Cooling Dock requires contributions from numerous manufacturers and suppliers with a diverse set of capabilities. Working locally allows Chad to connect directly with nearly the entire team in a single morning. This direct connection also extends to customer service, as Chad personally attends to all customer and outreach communications. This personal care and attention to detail results in a better product and a better customer experience.

Beyond making cool and extreme products, we seek to help overturn the idea that it’s just business and it isn’t personal. Even though we love making things and dig new tech as much as anyone, we believe that building and maintaining personal connections is what it’s all about. By focusing on doing our best work while treating others with kindness and respect, we hope to do our small part in helping to achieve a healthier society and planet.

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You can learn more about SVALT through Portland Business Journal’s article.

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