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SVALT D Performance Cooling Dock with MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina display close up

The name SVALT is a variation of the French word “svelte,” meaning graceful and elegant, and the Swedish word “sval,” meaning elegant and cool. It is in the combination of these terms that the SVALT brand derives its own definition.

SVALT emerged from Portland, Oregon, a Pacific Northwest hotbed of cultural and technological innovation, as a maker and purveyor of high-performance luxury workspace furnishings. SVALT was founded by designer Chad Kirkpatrick to create extreme and uncompromising best-in-class solutions for professionals and the design orientated.

Chad Kirkpatrick has worked in an array of design posts… But he is most excited about the brand he is building now called SVALT… he enjoys the freedom he has to explore new products as well as the ability to build what he sees as an ethical company that also boosts local manufacturing. “The goal is not to start a consumer electronics company that will sell products globally that everyone will own,” he said. “It was driven by design and the desire to do really good work and not having any limits.” - Excerpt from Portland Business Journal.

For SVALT the bottom line for business is doing good work and treating people and the planet with respect, so when we here someone say “it’s just business” we think, yeah, it’s just about building quality relationship with people, caring for the natural environment and striving to make a valuable contribution to society.

You can learn more about how our values influence design and manufacturing at SVALT’s Quality By Design page.

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