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Cooling Dock DH

Cooling Dock DH


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Cool by Design

When it comes to using your laptop, heat generation and increased performance are in a cyclical relationship that feed off of one another. Processors generate heat that can spin up internal fans, stress systems, degrade hardware and throttle processors. This is the basic problem all laptop users face, the more you want to do with your laptop, the harder it works, and the hotter and slower it gets.

  • Silent Passive Cooling

    The DH uses a no contact heatsink connection with passive airflow to silently extract heat from the laptop processors and transfer it to a massive 3.2 pound heatsink for a substantial increase in cooling performance. An extra large front horizontal air channel with curving ends and an extra large through hole work with the laptop's built-in cooling system. Heatsink edge bumper pads protect the laptop during setup with minimal contact area for efficient heat transfer. A user installed pad locks the laptop in place for improved thermal coupling, with extra pads included for future setups.

  • Silent Heatsink Cooling

    Sculpted from solid aluminum, the DH’s stylish thermally massive 3.2 pound heatsink silently transfers heat absorbed from the laptop to surrounding air with an extra large central passthrough air channel that increases surface area and creates passive airflow for cooling performance. The passive airflows flush out hot air, accelerate heat transfer, cool laptop enclosure, and internally cool processors on compatible laptops, all of which can be accelerated by an optional Fx Cooling Fan for a boost in cooling performance.

Setup for Cool

Running a laptop in clamshell mode with the screen closed and connected to external monitor, keyboard/mouse and power supply offers compelling benefits, such as a more compact and ergonomic desktop workstation, reduced wear on the laptop’s built-in components and improved external display performance, however, clamshell mode also traps heat, resulting in a greater need for supplemental cooling.

  • Current Laptop Optimization

    The DH’s dimensions, air channels and cooling features have been designed to work seamlessly with the built-in cooling systems of Apple’s current and prior generation laptops, allowing hot air to escape through laptop exhaust vents and cool air to reach laptop intake vents. The optional Fx Cooling Fan accelerates passive cooling airflows, as well as boosting cooling performance by driving cool air directly onto processors in compatible laptops, such as the 2021 MacBook Pro (16-in shown above).

  • Innovative Clamshell Setup

    The DH has been optimized to support and silently cool current and prior generation Apple laptops, while a leaning support works with a wide variety of PC laptops. The unique leaning support provides an easy clamshell setup by holding the laptop safely within the padded cradle while opening the lid to access the power button with cables connected. The heavy mass and non-slip padded cradle provide a stable non-tip support for larger and heavier laptops, such as the 2021 MacBook Pro (16-in shown above).

Objects of Substance

SVALT is a mission driven company offering products that are as much art as tech, and as much objects of substance as machines engineered for performance. Made locally in the Pacific Northwest with a focus on sustainability and enduring metal construction, all SVALT products use modular bolted/snapped cooling system assemblies and ship with the tools required for right-to-repair servicing, exchanging, upgrading and extending product life span.

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