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New 2nd Generation Model

Cooling Dock DHC

Cooling Dock DHC


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Silent Conductive Heatsink Cooling for Closed-Screen Laptops


The Cooling Dock model DHC is specially designed, engineered and sculpted from solid aluminum to support and silently cool current and prior generation Apple laptops (see specs).

The DHC features an angular design, and uses an innovative thermally conductive interface to extract heat from the laptop processors and transfer it to a solid aluminum heatsink with extra large cooling fins and air channels for silent cooling, as well as optimized active airflow cooling and direct internal laptop processor cooling on compatible laptops when used with an optional Fx Cooling Fan accessory.

The DHC and all Cooling Dock models feature a unique and stable leaning configuration for easy closed-screen clamshell setup while the laptop remains connected to cables and safely in a padded cradle with adjustable / replaceable laptop support pads. All SVALT products are made with enduring metal construction milled from solid aluminum in the Pacific Northwest. All SVALT products use modular bolted / snapped assemblies and ship with the tools required for right-to-repair servicing, exchanging and upgrading.


SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC 2nd generation with noted generations diagram 1st and 2nd Generation Designs
The DHC is available with a new 2nd generation design that includes curving cutouts in the front horizontal air channel for improved airflow and heatsink cooling. The 2nd gen DHCR is recommended for all laptops.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC 2nd generation with noted Cooling Fan Fx diagram Cooling Fan Fx
The DHC has been designed to work with the optional Cooling Fan Fx accessory that boosts heatsink cooling, as well as providing direct internal processor cooling on 2021-2023 MacBook Pros (M2/M1 Pro/Max), 2012-2015 MacBook Pros (Intel Retina) and 2010-2017 MacBook Airs (Intel non-Retina). The Fx can be bundled with the DHC or purchased separately later. The Fx comes in multiple fan configurations. The B16 is recommended for most users as a baseline of always-on ultra-quiet cooling. The W20 is recommended for more aggressive cooling that can be used in less noise sensitive environments or switched on as needed. The R17 falls between the B16 and W20. The Fx can be ordered with one of the fan models installed, with the B16 installed and the other two fans included for exchange, or without a fan and electronics for a DIY setup.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC 2nd generation with noted Fx modular diagram Future Options
The Cooling Fan Fx can be order separately in the future, and the Fx’s bolt and snap modular system allows for easy fan exchange through accessories, and will work with any standard 80x80mm fan. We also offer a variety of upgrade options to our customers.


SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC 2nd generation with noted features diagram 2nd Gen New Features Overview
  • Front horizontal air channel includes curving cutouts for improved airflow and heatsink cooling.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC with noted features diagram 2nd and 1st Gen Features Overview
  • Optimized for heatsink cooling with active airflow.
  • Silent thermally conductive heatsink cooling.
  • Specially engineered laptop coupling interface.
  • Edge protection padding around conductive interface.
  • Cooling fins transfer heat to surrounding air.
  • Externally cools laptop enclosure at processors.
  • Passive airflow cooling through air channels.
  • Active airflow cooling with Cooling Fan Fx accessory.
  • Fx internally cools laptops with center intake vent.
  • Clamshell setup with laptop safely in padded cradle.
  • Replaceable user installed laptop retention pad.
  • Works with a wide variety of metal enclosure laptops.
  • Made from solid aluminum in Portland, Oregon.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC cooling diagram Thermally Conductive Heatsink Cooling Features
  • 9 square inch thermally conductive interface couples with the laptop’s aluminum enclosure to silently extract heat at processor location. The thermally conductive interface uses multiple layers of specially engineered low-thermal impedance materials and durable edge bumper padding with a special assembly system to protect the laptop surface finish while still achieving high levels of conductive heat transfer and cooling.
  • 2.5 pound heatsink milled from solid 6061 aluminum absorbs heat from the thermally conductive interface. The heatsink with continuous solid construction increases thermal mass capacity, heat absorption, heat flow and cooling.
  • 123 square inch heatsink surface area transfers heat to surrounding passive or active cooling airflows through 6 cooling fins, multiple extra wide open air channels and an extra large passthrough air hole designed to generate passive airflows and make greater use of active airflows from the option Fx Cooling Fan. The heatsink surface area with greater airflow moving across the surface increases the rate of heat dissipation and cooling.
  • Dock width, front horizontal air channel with curving ends and central passthrough air hole align with laptop vents for improved operation of the laptop’s built-in cooling system.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC cooling with Fx diagram Optional Active Airflow Cooling Features
  • Optional Cooling Fan Fx accessory adds a boost of active airflow cooling to heatsink Cooling Dock DHCR, DHC and DH models.
  • DHC model has been optimized to maximize active airflow cooling from the Cooling Fan Fx.
  • Back cooling fins and extra wide air channels transfer heat to active airflow.
  • Extra large passthrough hole connects to front air channel to flush out hot air.
  • Drives cooling air into compatible laptop center intake vent for direct internal processor cooling, such as with 2021-2023 MacBook Pros (M2/M1 Pro/Max).
  • Drives more cooling air onto laptop enclosure for direct external cooling.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC workstation diagram Workstation Features
  • Compact product footprint for more open desktop.
  • Heavy mass for increased stability.
  • Non-slip feet for stable workstation placement.
  • Two threaded underside holes for securing dock to media carts or for theft prevention.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC clamshell mode diagram Clamshell Mode Features
  • Leaning vertical closed-screen clamshell mode support for easy and secure clamshell mode setup with access to power, Touch ID and keyboard while safely held within padded cradle and connected to cables.
  • Disables laptop screen to optimize graphics for improved external display performance.
  • Reduces laptop screen, keyboard, trackpad and battery use for increased lifespan.
  • Uses external display, keyboard and trackpad / mouse for improved ergonomics.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC laptop compatibility diagram Device Compatibility Features
  • Edge protection pads located around all four sides of the thermally conductive coupling interface.
  • Leaning support for compatibility with a wide range of laptops, tablets and other devices.
  • Angled lower support shelf and non-slip padding for holding device in place.
  • Optional user installed laptop retention pad locks device in place.
  • Support system designed for universal Mac and PC laptop fit.
  • Optimized fit and active airflow cooling with a wide variety of laptops.
  • The new 2nd generation DHC model includes curving cutouts in the front horizontal air channel for improved airflow and heatsink cooling.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC modularity diagram Right-to-Repair Modularity Features
  • Modular bolt/snap assembly for customer servicing, replacement, exchange or upgrade (optional Fx).
  • Bolt-on fan with standard 3/4-pin fan connection for customer servicing, replacement, exchange or upgrade with nearly any 80x80x25mm fan (optional Fx).
  • Product ships with all of the tools required for disassembly (optional Fx).
  • Packaging system works with all Cooling Dock models.
Material and Component Quality Features
  • High-quality 6061 aluminum structure for extra strength and durability.
  • Anodized aluminum finish for matching Mac laptop finishes.
  • Metal construction for long life span and end-of-life recyclability.
  • High-quality fans with long life performance (optional Fx).
  • High-quality components over-specced for increased performance and life.
  • Minimal use of plastic for reduced environmental impact.
  • Biodegradable package cushioning for reduced impact.
Company Features
  • Designed and crafted with care in and around Portland, OR, USA.
  • Design driven by a passion to make best-in-class products.
  • Innovative design with patents issued and/or pending.
  • Support and trade-ins for anyone with a SVALT product.
Note: See Cooling Fan Fx product page for associated features.


Cooling System Specs
  • The DHC uses a thermally conductive coupling interface and large heatsink sculpted from solid aluminum to provide silent cooling. However, in addition to the silent cooling, the heatsink’s backside cooling fins, extra wide backside horizontal air channels, extra large passthrough air hole, and extra large frontside horizontal air channel are designed for optimal active airflow cooling with the optional Cooling Fan Fx accessory that boosts heatsink cooling and internally cools processors on compatible laptops. The Fx can be purchased bundled with the DHC, or can be purchased separately later.
  • Note: See Product Setup page for product setup, operation and additional user guide resources.
Device Compatibility Specs
  • Compatible Apple / Mac Laptops: The 2nd generation DHC model is compatible for cooling and fit with Mac laptop models from the last decade, as well as other devices per the compatibility criteria listed below. The 2nd gen model is recommended for most laptops over the 1st gen model.
  • Compatible PC Laptops: Most standard to small PC laptops and other devices per the compatibility criterial listed below.
  • Compatibility Criteria for Types: Works with the following device and screen types: 1) Laptops operated in closed-screen clamshell mode while connected to an external display, keyboard/mouse and power supply. 2) Laptops with convertible/flip touchscreen, either while in a standalone configuration with touchscreen, or while also connected to a second display and/or keyboard/mouse. 3) Tablets with touchscreen, either standalone or connected to an additional display.
  • Compatibility Criteria for Fit: Works with devices that are up to approximately 1.100 inches thick, but will vary depending on the bottom edge shape of the device. An optional laptop retention pad can be installed to lock the laptop in place.
  • Compatibility Criteria for Cooling: Works with devices that do not have hot air exhaust vents located within the 4.500 inch center portion of the bottom edge (screen hinge edge on laptops), and that have a metal enclosure surface for coupling with the thermally conductive interface (note that customer installed surface coverings will not allow for thermal coupling and the transfer of heat from device to heatsink). Cooling performance improves with devices that have the following attributes, where more attributes result in more cooling: 1) Bottom/back metal enclosure surfaces that are flat at the location of the thermally conductive pad to allow for continuous coupling and maximum heat transfer. 2) Processor location centered and near bottom edge to align the device’s highest temperature location with the most cooling for the largest heat transfer potential into the heatsink thermal mass. 3) Cool air intake vent locations centered on the bottom edge for direct internal cooling from the passthrough hole when used with the optional Cooling Fan Fx accessory.
  • Note: See Laptops page to learn about Apple laptop’s built-in cooling systems and SVALT model recommendations.
Dimensional Specs
  • Product Side to Side: 4.8 inches.
  • Product Front to Back: 4.1 inches.
  • Product Top to Bottom: 4.1 inches.
  • Product Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Note: See Cooling Fan Fx product page for associated specifications.


SVALT anodized aluminum gray, black and silver colors Aluminum Finish Colors
(listed from left to right)
  • Gray bead blasted anodize finish.
  • Black bead blasted anodize finish.
  • Silver bead blasted anodize finish.
  • Anodized parts are pre-finished by hand and then anodized by hand in small batches. The anodize color may vary slightly between parts.
  • Matte black anodize finish may show some finger prints, but can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth, or using a damp cloth with soap and water.
  • Anodized part’s bottom and/or back surfaces are considered non-cosmetic finish.
  • Satin silver and glossy black anodized finishes are brighter than matte anodize.
Thermally Conductive Material Finish
  • The thermally conductive interface is engineered and assembled for technical performance (thermal coupling and preventing metal-to-metal scratching) over cosmetics.
  • The interface is not engineered to be perfectly even in color or finish, however, surface color variations from the thermal padding may even out over time with exposure to heat from device coupling.
  • The underlying aluminum surface is pre-finished and anodized for improved coupling and not for a perfectly even color finish.
  • The yellow-orange color hue varies depending on the underlying anodized aluminum color with silver being the brightest and black being the darkest.
  • The thermally conductive surface can absorb oil from fingers and hand. A white microfiber cloth is provided to clean surface.
SVALT fans and colors B16, R17, W20, B14, G17 Fan Model Colors
(listed from left to right)
  • B16/B05 with black frame and black blades.
  • R17 with black frame and red blades.
  • W20 with black frame and white blades.
  • B14 with black frame and black blades.
  • G17 with light gray frame and dark gray blades.
  • Products with fans use modular cooling systems with bolted and snapped fan assembly so that nearly any standard fan can be used. See specifications for details, and see accessories for replacement fans.


  • 1 x SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC per selected build configuration.
  • 3 x optional user installed laptop retention pads (1 pad installed at a time with 2 extras for future installations).
  • 1 x white microfiber cloth for cleaning thermally conductive surface (made from 100% recycled materials).
  • 1 x reusable product box.
  • Cooling Fan Fx: See Cooling Fan Fx product page for bundled Fx package contents.
Note: Some assembly may be required. Follow packaging labels and see Product Setup page for product setup, operation and additional user guide resources.


  • SVALT products are made locally and hand built to order per the estimated build lead time listed above under the dropdown selector.
  • SVALT is a local company based in Portland, Oregon. Oregon does not collect sales tax.
  • International customers are responsible for paying their country’s import fees and taxes upon delivery. International orders are limited to one item per shipment.
  • 15-day return and 1-year limited warranty for US customers.
  • Support and trade-ins available for anyone with a SVALT product.
  • See policies for additional details.
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Cool by Design

When it comes to using your laptop, heat generation and increased performance are in a cyclical relationship that feed off of one another. Processors generate heat that can spin up internal fans, stress systems, degrade hardware and throttle processors. This is the basic problem all laptop users face, the more you want to do with your laptop, the harder it works, and the hotter and slower it gets.

  • Silent Conductive Cooling

    The DHC uses an innovative thermally conductive interface to silently transfer heat from laptop processors to a 2.5 pound heatsink for a substantial increase in cooling performance. An extra large front horizontal air channel with curving ends and an extra large through hole work with the laptop's built-in cooling system. The thermally conductive interface uses edge bumper pads along all four sides to protect the laptop during setup. A user installed pad locks the laptop in place for improved thermal coupling, with extra pads included for future setups.

  • Silent Heatsink Cooling

    Sculpted from solid aluminum, the DHC’s thermally massive 2.5 pound heatsink silently transfers heat absorbed from the laptop to surrounding air through extra wide vertical air channels and cooling fins that increase surface area and create passive airflows for optimal cooling performance. The passive airflows flush out hot air, accelerate heat transfer, cool laptop enclosure, and internally cool processors on compatible laptops, all of which can be accelerated by an optional Fx Cooling Fan for a boost in cooling performance.

Setup for Cool

Running a laptop with the screen closed in clamshell mode offers compelling benefits, such as a more compact and ergonomic workstation, reduced wear on built-in components and improved external display performance, however, clamshell mode also traps heat, resulting in a greater need for supplemental cooling.

  • Current Laptop Optimization

    The DHC’s dimensions, air channels and cooling features have been designed to work seamlessly with the built-in cooling systems of Apple’s current and prior generation laptops, allowing hot air to escape through laptop exhaust vents and cool air to reach laptop intake vents. The optional Fx Cooling Fan accelerates passive cooling airflows, as well as boosting cooling performance by driving cool air directly onto processors in compatible laptops, such as the 2021 MacBook Pro (16-in shown above).

  • Innovative Clamshell Setup

    The DHC has been optimized to support and silently cool current and prior generation Apple laptops, while a leaning support works with a wide variety of PC laptops. The unique leaning support provides an easy clamshell setup by holding the laptop safely within the padded cradle while opening the lid to access the power button with cables connected. The heavy mass and non-slip padded cradle provide a stable non-tip support for larger and heavier laptops, such as the 2021 MacBook Pro (16-in shown above).

Objects of Substance

SVALT is a mission driven company that offers something different with products that are as much art as tech, and as much objects of substance as machines engineered for performance. Made locally with care in the Pacific Northwest, SVALT products endure with solid metal construction, right-to-repair maintenance, easy upgrades, and a focus on sustainability.

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