SVALT D2 Firmware Upgrade

SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock LED activation with Apple MacBook Air 11-inch display
Please contact us to upgrade your D2’s cooling system firmware to Version 2.0. If you cover shipping costs, then we will upgrade the firmware and clean your Cooling Dock at no charge.

The following outlines Version 2.0's main revisions over Version 1.0:
  • 4x Fixed cooling mode has been revised to start with a default 1600 RPM fixed speed or a user’s saved custom fixed speed.
  • 5x Fixed Customize cooling mode has been added as a separate mode for the user to select a custom speed for 4x Fixed cooling mode. This allows the cooling system to save the user’s custom fixed speed so that it can be reactivated without having to reselect a fixed speed, which can be helpful when a user wants to change between modes to meet various audio or cooling performance scenarios.
  • 6x Auto + cooling mode has been revised with significantly more aggressive mapping.
  • 7x Auto default cooling mode has been revised with slightly more aggressive mapping.
  • 8x Auto - cooling mode has been revised with slightly less aggressive mapping.
  • The reset to factory default has been revised to reset Fixed cooling mode to the default 1600 RPM.
  • The order of cooling modes has been revised along with associated switch activations required to enable the cooling modes.

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