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SVALT D1 Cooling Dock

  • The SVALT D1 Performance Cooling Dock includes a fixed speed cooling system.

  • The triple patented SVALT Cooling Dock is the first and only product of it kind, offering unique features and advantages over other laptop stands and cooling accessories.

    Design Features (D1 and D2)
    • Transforms laptop into desktop workstation.
    • Does not require any laptop modification.
    • Adjustable pad accommodates wide range of devices.
    • Stable leaning clamshell support configuration.
    • Access to power, Touch ID and keyboard while in dock.
    • Quick transition between desktop and mobile.
    • Compact product footprint for more open desktop.
    • Improves ergonomics with external displays and keyboard.
    • See Design to learn more.

    Performance Features (D1 and D2)
    • Turbo charges laptop’s built-in cooling system.
    • Expands cooling capacity and reserves.
    • Drives cooling air directly onto laptop processors.
    • Reduces/eliminates processor heat throttling.
    • Reduces/eliminates system overheating.
    • Restores power and performance potential.
    • Reduces internal laptop fan load/noise.
    • Disables and preserves built-in laptop screen.
    • Increases available power for processors.
    • Reduces/eliminates limited power throttling.
    • Optimizes graphics for multiple external displays.
    • Increases productivity and return on investment.
    • Powerful 12 volt fan actively cools CPU/GPU.
    • Massive 2 lbs heat sink passively cools CPU/GPU.
    • External power supply reduces laptop heat gain.
    • See Performance to learn more.

    Quality Features (D1 and D2)
    • Leaves a mark of refined style and sophistication.
    • Elevates and prominently displays premium laptops.
    • Seamlessly merges with select Apple laptops.
    • Precision-crafted from solid high-quality aluminum.
    • Ethically and locally made in the Pacific Northwest.
    • Designed and assembled in Portland, OR, USA.
    • Made in the USA, includes foreign electronic parts.
    • Tested design with multiple patents.
    • Lifetime support for anyone with a SVALT product.
    • See About to learn more.

    See homepage for overall features.

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  • Compatibility, Setup & Operation
    • See Compatibility to learn what devices are compatible with the SVALT Cooling Dock.
    • See Setup and Operation to learn how to setup and operate a SVALT Cooling Dock.

    Cooling System
    • The SVALT D1 Performance Cooling Dock’s active cooling system uses a 1700 RPM fixed speed cooling system that offers simple on/off operation and provides a balance of audio and cooling performance with noise levels that approximately match normal open office environments.
    • The D1 fan has long life ball bearing and approximately eight years of continuous operation (70,000 hours at 40C).
    • The D1 fan can be ordered with red, white or green fan blades.

    Power Supply
    • 100-240V AC input and 12V output with one of the following fixed or replaceable outlet plugs:
    • Type A (USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan).
    • Type C (Europe, South America, Asia).
    • Type G (United Kingdom, Ireland).
    • Type I (Australia, New Zealand, China).
    • A Replacement Power Supply is available to purchase separately.

    Aluminum Finish
    • The dock’s aluminum cradle comes with a high-end aluminum anodized finish, which is a custom finishing process that may include some color variation between separate products.
    • The black finish can show finger prints, but can be cleaned with a cloth using soap and water, or a microfiber cloth.
    • The bottom surface of product is considered non-cosmetic finish and includes two #10-24 threaded holes that can be used for mounting the dock in a fixed position if desired.

    Dimensions & Weights
    • Product: 4.8” wide x 4.1” deep x 4.1” tall and 2.1 pounds
    • Product package: 6.2” wide x 5.5” deep x 5.4” tall and 2.8 pounds (US power) for new; 5.4” wide x 4.6” deep x 4.3” tall and 2.5 pounds (US power) for refurbished / factory seconds.
    • Shipping package: 8.0” wide x 8.0” deep x 8.0” tall and 3.2 pounds (US power) for new; 2.9 pounds (US power) for refurbished / factory seconds.

    Package Contents
    • SVALT D1
    • Power supply
    • Cable management strap
    • Hex drive for sliding pad adjustment
    • Reusable product box

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  • Order Details
    • Free UPS Ground shipping for Continental US orders.
    • Discounted DHL Express shipping for International orders.
    • SVALT is an Oregon company and does not collect sales tax.
    • 30-day return and 1-year limited warranty for US customers.
    • Lifetime support for anyone with a SVALT product.
    • See policy for additional details.

    BTO Orders
    • BTO stands for "built-to-order."
    • When the order is placed the unit has not been built. Once the order has been received, it will be built and made ready for shipping carrier pickup within one week, at which point payment will be collected and a shipment tracking number will be issued.

    REFURB Orders
    • REFURB stands for "refurbished and/or factory seconds."
    • The aluminum cradle will have cosmetic blemishes, such as small dents, small scratches and/or finish variations. Other plastic/rubber components may have minor cosmetic blemishes. Beyond these cosmetic blemishes, the product functions normally.
    • Orders are non-returnable and ship with non-retail packaging.
    • Orders are BTO, see above.

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