Svalt Design, LLC (SVALT) is a leading provider of high-performance computer workstation accessory products.

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SVALT Cooling Dock (also known as the SVALT Cooling Dock Pro, SVALT Cooling Dock Pro II, SVALT D Performance Cooling Dock, SVALT D0 Passive Cooling Dock, SVALT D1 Performance Cooling Dock, SVALT D1.5 Performance Cooling Dock, SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock, and SVALT Cooling Dock models D, D Pro, D1 Pro, D1 Legacy, D1 Pro II, D2 Pro, D2 Pro II, D2n Pro, DxBLK Pro, DxRED Pro, DxRED Legacy, Dx, DxB16, DxR17, DxW20, DLx, DLxB16, DLxR17, DLxW20, DHCx, DH, DHC, and DHCR): U.S. Pat. Nos. 8,926,414; 9,229,499; D736,211.

SVALT Cooling Stand (also known as the SVALT Cooling Stand Pro, SVALT Cooling Stand Mini, and SVALT Cooling Stand models S, S Pro, S Mini, SxB14, SxG17, SxN, SxB14M, SxG17M, SRxB14, SRxG17, SRxN, SRxB14M, SRxG17M,): U.S. Patent No. D893,499; D983,208.

Other patents pending.