SVALT Cooling Stand model SRx exploded components diagram Cooling System
The cooling system has two fan options. The B14 black fan provides ultra-quiet low-speed for an always on baseline cooling in more noise sensitive environment, with high-speed available for more aggressive cooling when needed. The G17 gray fan provides more powerful quiet low-speed in less noise sensitive environments, with even more powerful high-speed cooling when needed. The bolt and snap modular cooling system and fans allow for easy exchange through accessories, and the cooling system will work with most any standard 120x120x25mm fan.

Optional Laptop Support Arms
The arms can be quickly bolted on to support and cool Apple and PC laptops. The 3rd generation arm design features improved cooling airflow and dual laptop support pads.

Future Options
The Cooling Stand product line is a fully modular system where one model can be converted into another or individual components can be replaced or upgraded in the future through accessories. We also offer a variety of upgrade options to our customers.