SVALT Cooling Dock model DHCx with noted features diagram Features Overview
  • Active and passive airflow cooling.
  • Thermally conductive heatsink cooling.
  • Specially engineered laptop coupling interface.
  • Edge protection padding around conductive interface.
  • Cooling fins transfer heat to airflow.
  • Externally cools laptop enclosure at processors.
  • Internally cools laptops with center intake vent.
  • Exchangeable bolt-in modular fan cooling system.
  • Ultra-quiet active airflow cooling system (B16).
  • Clamshell setup with laptop safely in padded cradle.
  • Replaceable user installed laptop retention pad.
  • Works with a wide variety of metal enclosure laptops.
  • Made from solid aluminum in Portland, Oregon.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHCx cooling diagram Thermally Conductive Heatsink Cooling Features
  • 9 square inch thermally conductive interface couples with the laptop’s aluminum enclosure to silently extract heat at processor location. The thermally conductive interface uses multiple layers of specially engineered low-thermal impedance materials and durable edge bumper padding with a special assembly system to protect the laptop surface finish while still achieving high levels of conductive heat transfer and cooling.
  • 27 square inch of cooling fin surface area, which is the surface area of dedicated cooling fins that are primarily responsible for transferring heat from the heatsink to surrounding passive or active cooling airflows. There are 5 cooling fins with 4 vertical cooling air channels. The DHCx has 3.5 times more cooling fin surface area than the Dx for improved heatsink cooling efficiency.
  • 67 square inch of heatsink cooling surface area, which is the total surface area of the product that is or can be exposed to passive and/or active cooing airflow for potential heat transfer.
  • 2.0 lbs heatsink milled from solid 6061 aluminum absorbs heat from the thermally conductive interface to the cooling surface areas, with the heatsink’s continuous solid construction increasing heat flow and cooling efficiency.
  • Dock width, front horizontal air channel with curving ends and central passthrough air hole align with laptop vents for improved operation of the laptop’s built-in cooling system.

Active Airflow Cooling Features
  • Air channels support silent passive cooling airflow and quiet active airflow with the integrated fan to transfer heat from thermally conductive heatsink to passive and active cooling airflow.
  • Angled vertical air channels guide cooling airflow through the central hole and front horizontal channel to boost heatsink cooling performance, flush out hot air, and internally cool processors on laptops with a center intake vent, such as the 2021-2023 MacBook Pros, 2012-2015 MacBook Pros (Intel Retina) and 2010-2017 MacBook Airs (Intel non-Retina).
  • External outlet power supply for increased power with reduced internal laptop heat gain.
  • 80x80x25mm 12-volt fan for powerful yet quiet cooling.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHCx workstation diagram Workstation Features
  • Compact product footprint for more open desktop.
  • Heavy mass for increased stability.
  • Non-slip feet for stable workstation placement.
  • Two threaded underside holes for securing dock to media carts or for theft prevention.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHCx clamshell mode diagram Clamshell Mode Features
  • Leaning vertical closed-screen clamshell mode support for easy and secure clamshell mode setup with access to power, Touch ID and keyboard while safely held within padded cradle and connected to cables.
  • Disables laptop screen to optimize graphics for improved external display performance.
  • Reduces laptop screen, keyboard, trackpad and battery use for increased lifespan.
  • Uses external display, keyboard and trackpad / mouse for improved ergonomics.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHCx laptop compatibility diagram Device Compatibility Features
  • Edge protection pads located around all four sides of the thermally conductive coupling interface.
  • Leaning support for compatibility with a wide range of laptops, tablets and other devices.
  • Angled lower support shelf and non-slip padding for holding device in place.
  • Optional user installed laptop retention pad locks device in place.
  • Support system designed for universal Mac and PC laptop fit.
  • Optimized fit and active airflow cooling with a wide variety of laptops.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC modularity diagram Right-to-Repair Modularity Features
  • Modular bolt/snap assembly for customer servicing, replacement, exchange or upgrade.
  • Bolt-on fan with standard 3/4-pin fan connection for customer servicing, replacement, exchange or upgrade with nearly any 80x80x25mm fan.
  • Snap-on accessories using standard 3/4-pin fan connection for customer servicing, replacement, exchange or upgrade with nearly any 80x80x25mm fan.
  • Product ships with all of the tools required for disassembly.
  • Packaging system works with all Cooling Dock models.

Material and Component Quality Features
  • High-quality 6061 aluminum structure for extra strength and durability.
  • Anodized aluminum finish for matching Mac laptop finishes.
  • Metal construction for long life span and end-of-life recyclability.
  • High-quality fans with long life performance.
  • High-quality components over-specced for increased performance and life.
  • Minimal use of plastic for reduced environmental impact.
  • Biodegradable package cushioning for reduced impact.

Company Features
  • Designed and crafted with care in and around Portland, OR, USA.
  • Design driven by a passion to make best-in-class products.
  • Innovative design with patents issued and/or pending.
  • Support for anyone with a SVALT product.