Cooling System Specs
  • Modular Cooling System: Active airflow cooling can be added when needed by purchasing and installing the modular Cooling Unit component. Bolted connection for easy upgrade, exchange, servicing or cleaning. Cooling systems are available to purchase separately.
  • Note: See Product Setup page for product setup, operation and additional user guide resources.
Device Compatibility Specs
  • Compatible Apple / Mac Laptops: All Mac laptops, as well as other devices per the compatibility criteria listed below.
  • Compatible PC Laptops: Oversized gaming to small PC laptops per the compatibility criterial listed below.
  • Compatibility Criteria for Types: Works with laptops operated in open-screen or closed-screen clamshell mode.
  • Compatibility Criteria for Fit: Works with all Mac and PC laptops that are at least 9.5 inches wide (side-to-side) and 10.25 inches deep (front-to-back). We are not aware of any laptop made that is too large or too heavy for the Cooling Stand’s substantial heavy bolt and oversized metal support structure.
  • Compatibility Criteria for Cooling: Works with laptop built-in cooling system designs and layouts of which we are aware. Cooling performance improves with devices that have the following attributes, where more attributes result in more cooling: 1) Metal enclosures / chassis to absorb heat and then transfer it to passive cooling airflow. 2) Laptop used without customer installed surface covering that traps heat, reducing the ability to transfer heat to surroundings. 3) Larger laptop size for increased surface area cooling. 4) Hot air exhaust vents located along the back screen hinge edge to exhaust rising hot air. 5) Cool air intake vents located on the bottom underside surface, along the front edge, or along the front portion of the side edges to pull in fresh cool air.
  • Compatibility Criteria for User Accessories: The Cooling Stand’s solid front panel blocks cooling fan airflow and noise, as well as hides cord clutter and user accessories. When placing user accessory items that generate heat, then some portion of that heat will transfer to the laptop through line-of-site proximity heat radiation, rising hot air currents, and/or fan driven air movement. To lessen heat transfer to the laptop, or when maximum laptop cooling is desired, then avoid placing items that generate heat close to the laptop.
  • Note: See Laptops page to learn about Apple laptop’s built-in cooling systems and SVALT model recommendations.
Dimensional Specs
  • Product Side to Side: 10.2 inches.
  • Product Front to Back: 9.0 inches.
  • Product Top to Bottom: 7.5 inches.
  • Product Weight: 3.5 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 4.5 lbs.