SVALT Cooling Dock model DLx with noted features diagram Features Overview
  • Active internal airflow and heatsink cooling.
  • Internally cools laptops with center intake vent.
  • Ultra-quiet active airflow cooling system (B16).
  • Exchangeable bolt-in modular cooling system.
  • Exchangeable snap-in 3/4-pin 80x80x25mm fan.
  • Clamshell setup with laptop safely in padded cradle.
  • Adjustable laptop retention pad.
  • Made from solid aluminum in Portland, Oregon.
Active Airflow Cooling Features
  • Cooling air is driven into a compatible laptop’s intake vent for direct internal processor cooling.
  • Raised lip edge for creating an air-sealed connection with a compatible laptop’s intake vent.
  • Adjustable front pad presses laptop against raised lip edge for an improved air sealed connection with compatible laptop.
  • Fan creates pressurized air chamber for pushing cooling air into compatible laptop’s intake vent.
  • Extended rear screen position and opening pattern designed for increased airflow and reduced noise.
  • External outlet power supply for increased power with reduced internal laptop heat gain.
  • 80x80x25mm 12-volt fan for powerful yet quiet cooling.
  • B16 cooling system prioritizes ultra-quiet audio performance with essentially silent operation for noise critical environments.
Passive Cooling Features
  • 1.9 lb aluminum heat sink for extracting heat from laptop.
  • Minimal padding area for radiant heat transfer from laptop to heatsink.
  • Width aligns with laptop vent locations for unimpeded airflow.
Workstation Productivity Features
  • Compact product footprint for more open desktop.
  • Heavy mass for increased stability.
  • Non-slip feet for stable workstation placement.
  • Two threaded underside holes for securing dock to media carts or for theft prevention.
Clamshell Mode Features
  • Leaning vertical closed-screen clamshell mode support for easy and secure clamshell mode setup with access to power, Touch ID and keyboard while safely held within padded cradle and connected to cables.
  • Disables laptop screen to optimize graphics for improved external display performance.
  • Reduces laptop screen, keyboard, trackpad and battery use for increased lifespan.
  • Uses external display, keyboard and trackpad / mouse for improved ergonomics.
Device Compatibility Features
  • Leaning support for compatibility with a wide range of laptops, tablets and other devices.
  • Adjustable pad for holding compatible laptops in place and creating an air seal with laptop vent.
  • Optimized fit and cooling for prior generation Macs and select PC laptops, such as 2012-2015 Retina MacBook Pro and 2008-2017 pre-Retina MacBook Air.
SVALT Cooling Dock model DLx specs diagram Right-to-Repair Modularity Features
  • Modular bolt/snap assembly for customer servicing, replacement, exchange or upgrade.
  • Bolt-on fan with standard 3/4-pin fan connection for customer servicing, replacement, exchange or upgrade with nearly any 80x80x25mm fan.
  • Product ships with all of the tools required for disassembly.
  • Packaging system works with all Cooling Dock models.
Material and Component Quality Features
  • High-quality 6061 aluminum structure for extra strength and durability.
  • Anodized aluminum finish for matching Mac laptop finishes.
  • Metal construction for long life span and end-of-life recyclability.
  • High-quality fans with long life performance.
  • High-quality components over-specced for increased performance and life.
  • Minimal use of plastic for reduced environmental impact.
  • Biodegradable package cushioning for reduced impact.
Company Features
  • Designed and crafted with care in and around Portland, OR, USA (includes foreign electronic components).
  • Design driven by a passion to make best-in-class products.
  • Innovative design with patents issued and/or pending.
  • Support and trade-ins for anyone with a SVALT product.