SVALT anodized aluminum gray, black and silver colors Aluminum Finish Colors
(listed from left to right)
  • Gray bead blasted anodize finish.
  • Black bead blasted anodize finish.
  • Silver bead blasted anodize finish.
  • Anodized parts are pre-finished by hand and then anodized by hand in small batches. The anodize color may vary slightly between parts.
  • Matte black anodize finish may show some finger prints, but can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth, or using a damp cloth with soap and water.
  • Anodized part’s bottom and/or back surfaces are considered non-cosmetic finish.
  • Satin silver and glossy black anodized finishes are brighter than matte anodize.
Thermally Conductive Material Finish
  • The thermally conductive interface is engineered and assembled for technical performance (thermal coupling and preventing metal-to-metal scratching) over cosmetics.
  • The interface is not engineered to be perfectly even in color or finish, however, surface color variations from the thermal padding may even out over time with exposure to heat from device coupling.
  • The underlying aluminum surface is pre-finished and anodized for improved coupling and not for a perfectly even color finish.
  • The yellow-orange color hue varies depending on the underlying anodized aluminum color with silver being the brightest and black being the darkest.
  • The thermally conductive surface can absorb oil from fingers and hand. A white microfiber cloth is provided to clean surface.
SVALT fans and colors B16, R17, W20, B14, G17 Fan Model Colors
(listed from left to right)
  • B16/B05 with black frame and black blades.
  • R17 with black frame and red blades.
  • W20 with black frame and white blades.
  • B14 with black frame and black blades.
  • G17 with light gray frame and dark gray blades.
  • Products with fans use modular cooling systems with bolted and snapped fan assembly so that nearly any standard fan can be used. See specifications for details, and see accessories for replacement fans.