Cooling System
The cooling system can be configured with one of two high-quality Noctua fan models that are both optimized for ultra low-noise and high-airflow. The new fans offer reduced noise and similar cooling airflow compared to the previous fans. The new G12 ultra-quiet fan is recommended for most users with a high-speed setting that provides significant cooling airflow while still staying quiet, and a low-speed setting that provides ultra-quiet noise levels. The new G07 extra ultra-quiet fan is recommended for users working in the most noise sensitive environments with an ultra-quiet high-speed setting, and a low-speed setting that is so quiet as to be virtually undetectable. The bolt and snap modular cooling system and fans allow for easy exchange through accessories, and the cooling system will work with most any standard 120x120x25mm fan. See the Specifications section below for additional details.

Laptop Support Arms
The arms are available in a 2nd generation design, or in a 3rd generation design featuring improved cooling airflow and dual laptop support pads.

Optional Mac Mini/Studio Supports
The cooling system can be ordered with pads pre-installed to support a Mac Mini or Mac Studio.

SVALT anodized aluminum colors Aluminum Color
The aluminum support is available with the following anodize colors as shown in the above image and listed below from left to right (see Specs for details):
  • Silver: A clear anodize with light gray color similar to Apple’s Silver finish available on all Mac laptops.
  • Space Gray: A gray similar to Apple’s Space Gray finish available on MacBook Pros from 2016 to 2023 and MacBook Airs from 2018 to 2024+.
  • Space Black: A nearly black dark gray similar to Apple’s Space Black finish available on MacBook Pros from 2023 to 2024+.
  • Black: A full black that pairs well with Apple’s Midnight finish available on MacBook Airs from 2022 to 2024+.
The stand’s aluminum supports are anodized in regular batches by model and color, so the listed “est. build lead time” can fluctuate and might differ between colors based on the anodize schedule and based on estimated order build lead time.

SVALT Cooling Stand model Sx exploded components diagram Future Configurations
The Cooling Stand product line is a fully modular system where one model can be converted into another or individual components can be replaced or upgraded in the future through accessories. We also offer a variety of upgrade options to our customers.