Cooling System
The B16 is recommended for most users as a baseline of always-on ultra-quiet cooling. The W20 is recommended for more aggressive cooling that can be used in less noise sensitive environments or switched on as needed. The R17 falls between the B16 and W20, striking a good balance with cooling and acoustic perfermance.

Condition and Discount
The Dx is made locally in small batch production runs with a limited remaining inventory. All items are new and fully functional. Items with a center hole have a small center hole right above the large central air through hole. Items with silver vents have ten horizontal vents in silver. Factory seconds may have variations and/or cosmetic blemishes on aluminum finish, and are sold as is with no returns or exchanges except for functionally defective or incorrect items.

Future Configurations
The cooling system’s bolt and snap modular system allows for easy fan exchange through accessories, and the cooling system will work with most any standard 80x80x25mm fan. We also offer a variety of upgrade options to our customers.