SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC 2nd generation with noted generations diagram 1st and 2nd Generation Designs
The DHC is available with a new 2nd generation design that includes curving cutouts in the front horizontal air channel for improved airflow and heatsink cooling. The 2nd gen DHCR is recommended for all laptops.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC 2nd generation with noted Cooling Fan Fx diagram Cooling Fan Fx
The DHC has been designed to work with the optional Cooling Fan Fx accessory that boosts heatsink cooling, as well as providing direct internal processor cooling on 2021-2023 MacBook Pros (M2/M1 Pro/Max), 2012-2015 MacBook Pros (Intel Retina) and 2010-2017 MacBook Airs (Intel non-Retina). The Fx can be bundled with the DHC or purchased separately later. The Fx comes in multiple fan configurations. The B16 is recommended for most users as a baseline of always-on ultra-quiet cooling. The W20 is recommended for more aggressive cooling that can be used in less noise sensitive environments or switched on as needed. The R17 falls between the B16 and W20. The Fx can be ordered with one of the fan models installed, with the B16 installed and the other two fans included for exchange, or without a fan and electronics for a DIY setup.

SVALT Cooling Dock model DHC 2nd generation with noted Fx modular diagram Future Options
The Cooling Fan Fx can be order separately in the future, and the Fx’s bolt and snap modular system allows for easy fan exchange through accessories, and will work with any standard 80x80mm fan. We also offer a variety of upgrade options to our customers.