SVALT Cooling Dock model DH specs diagram
Package Contents
  • 1 x SVALT Cooling Dock model DH.
  • 3 x optional user installed laptop retention pads (1 pad installed at a time with 2 extras for future installations).
  • 1 x reusable product box.
  • Note: See Cooling Fan Fx product page for bundled package contents.

Cooling System
  • The DH heatsink’s extra large backside passthrough air hole and frontside open cooling plane are designed to work with the optional Cooling Fan Fx accessory that boosts heatsink cooling and internally cools processors on compatible laptops. The Fx can be purchased bundled with the DH, or can be purchased separately later.
  • Note: See Product Setup page for product setup, operation and additional user guide resources.

Device Compatibility
  • Compatible Apple / Mac Laptops: MacBook Pro 16/14” M1 Max/Pro 2021, MacBook Pro 13” M1 2020-2021, MacBook Pro 16/15/13” TouchBar 2016-2020, MacBook Pro 15/13” Retina 2012-2015, MacBook Air 13” M1 2020-2021, MacBook Air 13” Retina 2018-2020, MacBook Air 13/11” 2008-2017, MacBook 12” Retina 2015-2018, and more based on the compatibility criterial listed below.
  • Compatible PC Laptops: Most standard to small PC laptops per the compatibility criterial listed below.
  • Compatibility Criteria for Types: Works with the following device and screen types: 1) Laptops operated in closed-screen clamshell mode while connected to an external display, keyboard/mouse and power supply. 2) Laptops with convertible/flip touchscreen, either while in a standalone configuration with touchscreen, or while also connected to a second display and/or keyboard/mouse. 3) Tablets with touchscreen, either standalone or connected to an additional display.
  • Compatibility Criteria for Fit: Works with devices that are up to approximately 1.100 inches thick, but will vary depending on the bottom edge shape of the device. An optional laptop retention pad can be installed to lock the laptop in place.
  • Compatibility Criteria for Cooling: Works with devices that do not have hot air exhaust vents located within the 4.500 inch center portion of the bottom edge (screen hinge edge on laptops). Cooling performance improves with devices that have the following attributes, where more attributes result in more cooling: 1) Metal enclosures / chassis to absorb heat and then transfer it to passive cooling airflow and heatsink thermal mass. 2) Devices used without customer installed surface covering that traps heat, reducing the ability to transfer heat to surroundings. 3) Processor location centered and near bottom edge to align the device’s highest temperature location with the most cooling for the largest heat transfer potential through passive cooling airflow and heatsink thermal mass. 4) Cool air intake vent locations centered on the bottom edge for direct internal cooling from the passthrough hole when used with the optional Cooling Fan Fx accessory.
  • Note: See Laptops page to learn about Apple laptop’s built-in cooling systems and SVALT model recommendations.

  • Product Side to Side: 4.8 inches.
  • Product Front to Back: 4.1 inches.
  • Product Top to Bottom: 4.1 inches.
  • Product Weight: 3.3 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 4.1 lbs.

Note: See Cooling Fan Fx product page for associated specifications.