Silent Passive Heatsink Cooling for Closed-Screen Laptops

The Cooling Dock model DH is sculpted from solid aluminum to support and silently cool current and prior generation Apple laptops (see specs).

The DH features an angular design, and uses a non-touch air current to extract heat from the laptop processors and transfer it to a massive 3.2 pound solid aluminum heatsink with extra large passthrough air hole and channel for silent cooling, as well as active airflow cooling and direct internal laptop processor cooling on compatible laptops when used with an optional Fx Cooling Fan accessory.

The DH and all Cooling Dock models work with the laptop operating in closed-screen clamshell mode while connected to one or more external monitors, external keyboard/mouse and power supply. All Cooling Dock models also feature a unique and stable leaning support for easy clamshell setup while the laptop remains connected to cables and safely in a padded cradle with adjustable/replaceable laptop retention pads (extra pads included for future setups).

All SVALT cooling systems use modular bolted / snapped assemblies and ship with the tools required for right-to-repair servicing, exchanging, upgrading and extending product life span.

SVALT designs innovative patented and/or patent pending products made locally in the Pacific Northwest with a focus on sustainability, and use solid aluminum for enduring metal construction.