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SVALT D2 Cooling Dock

  • The SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock includes an intelligent cooling system.

  • Receiving three US patents, the full featured SVALT Cooling Dock is the first and only product of it kind.

    Technology Features (D2 only)
    • Intelligently delivers silent to overwhelming cooling power.
    • Provides simple set-it-and-forget-it operation.
    • External sensor measures laptop temperature.
    • Automatically adjusts fan speeds from 900 to 3600 RPM.
    • Low-temperature auto-off eco-standby mode.
    • Three auto and two turbo speed cooling modes.
    • Fixed speed customizable from 900 to 3600 RPM.
    • Discrete LED signals cooling modes and user input.
    • Up to 1.5-2x the cooling and performance with D2 over D1.
    • See Operation to learn more.

    Design Features (D1 and D2)
    • Transforms laptop into desktop workstation.
    • Does not require any laptop modification.
    • Adjustable pad accommodates wide range of devices.
    • Stable leaning clamshell support configuration.
    • Access to power, Touch ID and keyboard while in dock.
    • Quick transition between desktop and mobile.
    • Compact product footprint for more open desktop.
    • Improves ergonomics with external displays and keyboard.
    • See Design to learn more.

    Performance Features (D1 and D2)
    • Turbo charges laptop’s built-in cooling system.
    • Expands cooling capacity and reserves.
    • Drives cooling air directly onto laptop processors.
    • Reduces/eliminates processor heat throttling.
    • Reduces/eliminates system overheating.
    • Restores power and performance potential.
    • Reduces internal laptop fan load/noise.
    • Disables and preserves built-in laptop screen.
    • Increases available power for processors.
    • Reduces/eliminates limited power throttling.
    • Optimizes graphics for multiple external displays.
    • Increases productivity and return on investment.
    • Powerful 12 volt fan actively cools CPU/GPU.
    • Massive 2 lbs heat sink passively cools CPU/GPU.
    • External power supply reduces laptop heat gain.
    • See Performance to learn more.

    Quality Features (D1 and D2)
    • Leaves a mark of refined style and sophistication.
    • Elevates and prominently displays premium laptops.
    • Seamlessly merges with select Apple laptops.
    • Precision-crafted from solid high-quality aluminum.
    • Ethically and locally made in the Pacific Northwest.
    • Designed and assembled in Portland, OR, USA.
    • Made in the USA, includes foreign electronic parts.
    • Tested design with multiple patents.
    • Lifetime support for anyone with a SVALT product.
    • See About to learn more.

    See homepage for overall features.

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  • Compatibility, Setup & Operation
    • See Compatibility to learn what devices are compatible with the SVALT Cooling Dock.
    • See Setup and Operation to learn how to setup and operate a SVALT Cooling Dock.

    Cooling System
    • The The SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock’s active cooling system uses a laptop temperature sensor and variable speed fan to automatically adjust between 0-3600 RPM for simple set-it-and-forget-it operation and to intelligently provide silent to overwhelming cooling power over the course of the workday. The D2 cooling system includes three Auto mode presets to meet a variety of user needs, two Turbo cooling modes for an instant blast of cooling power, and a Custom mode that can be set to any fixed speed from 900 to 3600 RPM for complete user control.
    • The D2 fan has long life ball bearing and approximately eight years of continuous operation (70,000 hours at 40C).
    • The D2 fan can be ordered with black or green fan blades.

    Power Supply
    • 100-240V AC input and 12V output with one of the following fixed or replaceable outlet plugs:
    • Type A (USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan).
    • Type C (Europe, South America, Asia).
    • Type G (United Kingdom, Ireland).
    • Type I (Australia, New Zealand, China).
    • A Replacement Power Supply is available to purchase separately.

    Aluminum Finish
    • The dock’s aluminum cradle comes with a high-end aluminum anodized finish, which is a custom finishing process that may include some color variation between separate products.
    • The black finish can show finger prints, but can be cleaned with a cloth using soap and water, or a microfiber cloth.
    • The bottom surface of product is considered non-cosmetic finish and includes two #10-24 threaded holes that can be used for mounting the dock in a fixed position if desired.

    Dimensions & Weights
    • Product: 4.8” wide x 4.1” deep x 4.1” tall and 2.1 pounds
    • Product package: 6.2” wide x 5.5” deep x 5.4” tall and 2.8 pounds (US power) for new; 5.4” wide x 4.6” deep x 4.3” tall and 2.5 pounds (US power) for refurbished / factory seconds.
    • Shipping package: 8.0” wide x 8.0” deep x 8.0” tall and 3.2 pounds (US power) for new; 7.0” wide x 7.0” deep x 7.0” tall and 2.9 pounds (US power) for refurbished / factory seconds.

    Package Contents
    • SVALT D2
    • Power supply
    • Cable management strap
    • Hex drive for sliding pad adjustment
    • Reusable product box

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  • Order Details
    • Ready to ship within one business day of order processing, unless noted as “1wk” for five business days.
    • Free UPS Ground shipping for Continental US orders.
    • Discounted DHL Express shipping for International orders.
    • SVALT is an Oregon company and does not collect sales tax.
    • 30-day return and 1-year limited warranty for US customers.
    • Lifetime support for anyone with a SVALT product.
    • See policies for additional details.

    REFURB Order Details
    • REFURB stands for "refurbished and/or factory seconds."
    • Aluminum cradles will have cosmetic blemishes, such as small dents, small scratches and/or finish variations. Other plastic/rubber components may have minor cosmetic blemishes or mis-alignment. Beyond these cosmetic blemishes, the product functions normally.
    • Packaged in non-retail packaging with hex key tucked into power supply tie.
    • Orders are non-returnable.

    Special Promotional Offer
    • Get $30 back on your purchase when you post photos of your SVALT workstation.
    • See promo page for details.

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