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SVALT Cooling Dock Press Release

Portland, OR USA - SVALT announces worldwide availability of the SVALT Cooling Dock in two model configurations, the SVALT D1 Performance Cooling Dock and the SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock.

The SVALT Cooling Dock is the first and only laptop workstation solution of its kind that helps professionals and creatives get work done without a laptop meltdown.

When developing photos, editing videos, rendering models, playing video games or running other high-demand applications a laptop’s built-in cooling system can fail to keep up and cause a meltdown with internal fans spinning at max, heat building up throughout the system, potentially degrading component reliability, processor throttling and slower performance. Heat meltdowns often occur at the office when looking down at the laptop’s built-in screen and using the built-in keyboard for hours at a time can reduce productivity.

Turbo charge laptop cooling systems and unleash peak performance potential:
The SVALT Cooling Dock’s massive two pound aluminum heat sink houses a powerful desktop sized fan that drives cooling air directly onto laptop CPU and GPU processors to turbo charge the laptop's built-in cooling system, help avoid a laptop meltdown, overcome heat induced throttling and maintain peak performance while under heavy and sustained workloads. The SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock helped deliver up to 154% higher Turbo Boost speed and up to 21% higher Geekbench Score in CPU testing, and delivered up to 97% higher graphics power and up to 30% faster frames per second in GPU testing. See svalt.com/performance.

Intelligently deliver silent to overwhelming cooling power:
The SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock uses a laptop temperature sensor and intelligent cooling system to provide simple set-it-and-forget-it operation, automatically adjusting fan speeds from 0 to 3600 RPM over the course of the workday. The cooling system runs in auto mode by default, but at any time Turbo mode can be activated for an immediate blast of extra 3200 RPM cooling power, or a number of advanced and fully customizable cooling modes can be selected for even more user control.

Transform laptops into professional desktop workstations:
The SVALT Cooling Dock uses clamshell mode configuration to help provide maximum workstation productivity where it’s needed the most, at the office. The SVALT Cooling Dock not only helps to improve graphics performance through GPU cooling, but the clamshell configuration also disables the laptop’s built-in display so that graphic resources can be dedicated to driving multiple full-sized and high-resolution displays. Combined with separate keyboard, trackpad, trackball, mouse or drawing device of one’s choosing, the SVALT Cooling Dock helps to create a more ergonomic and productive laptop workstation, while it’s compact configuration helps to regain valuable desktop space and create a more clean, open and modern workspace.

Seamless integration without any laptop modifications:
The SVALT Cooling Dock’s innovative leaning clamshell configuration with adjustable retention pad helps to accommodate a wide variety of laptops without requiring any laptop modifications and offers the flexibility to fit laptops with thin covers. The leaning configuration allows for quick and secure opening of the laptop to access the power button, Touch ID, and keyboard without removal from the support cradle, protecting against accidental cable disconnection or laptop drop. See svalt.com/compatibility.

“The SVALT Cooling Dock was created to not only provide a best-in-class solution for professionals, but to create an elegant office furnishing. Precision-crafted from solid aluminum, the SVALT dock is an object of substance, blurring the lines between the consumer electronics, art and high-end furnishings markets.” - Chad Kirkpatrick, President and Founder of SVALT.

Model Pricing and Availability:
The SVALT Cooling Dock is available to purchase immediately through svalt.com with two model configurations starting at $199. The SVALT D1 Performance Cooling Dock includes a fixed speed cooling system with red fan. The more powerful, advanced and customizable SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock includes an intelligent temperature based variable speed cooling system with black fan. Corporate & wholesale pricing available, dealer & distributor inquiries welcome.

About SVALT:
SVALT is a maker and purveyor of luxury workspace furnishings for the professional and the design orientated. SVALT products are ethically made from quality materials using local manufacturing in Portland, OR, USA.

Press Inquiries:
Press Product Review Samples and full resolution images are available upon request. Please send press inquiries to pr@svalt.com, and see svalt.com/press for additional details.

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