• SVALT Cooling Dock
  • SVALT Cooling Dock
  • SVALT Cooling Dock
  • SVALT Cooling Dock
  • SVALT Cooling Dock
  • SVALT Cooling Dock

SVALT Cooling Dock Models

SVALT D1 Performance Cooling Dock
The D1 model includes a fixed speed cooling system for simplicity of operation, and has been set to 1700 RPM for an optimal balance of cooling and audio performance.

SVALT D1.5 Performance Cooling Dock
The D1.5 model uses the D1’s cooling system but with a faster 2000 RPM fan for an extra kick of cooling power, and includes a Silence Adapter that reduces fan speed to 1400 RPM for quieter operation.

SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock
The D2 model includes a cooling system that uses an external thermistor to measure the laptop enclosure temperature and automatically adjust fan speed between 0 - 3600 RPM. This helps the D2 keep things quiet when supplemental cooling is not required and then increase cooling power as temperatures rise over the course of a workday for simple set-it-and-forget-it operation. Three Auto mode presets help to meet a variety of user needs and conditions, a Fixed speed cooling can be customized between 900 and 3600 RPM for complete user control, and two temporary Turbo cooling modes offer an instant blast of cooling power.

Model D1 D1.5 D2
Cooling Modes 1 2 6
Fan Speed (RPM)     1700       1400, 2000    0-3600    
Customizable Speed No No Yes
Auto Speed by Temperature No No Yes
Fan Blade Color Red White Black
Price $149 $179 $249
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See Performance page to learn about performance potential and to compare model’s audio and cooling performance potential.

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