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Cooling Dock

Ships in 1-4+ weeks, see orders tab.

  • The SVALT Cooling Dock uses a unique leaning vertical configuration for easy closed-screen clamshell setup and provides processor cooling to help restore performance potential for pro users.

    See below for model features and specifications.
    • SVALT products are made locally and hand built to order. Orders typically ship out within 5 business days of order date, with the D model shipping out in approximately 1-2 business days, the original D1 Pro model shipping out in approximately 3-5 business days, and the new D2/D1 Pro II models shipping out in approximately 15-20+ business days (the first launch batch of Pro II products has sold out and the next batch is in process). Please contact us at anytime for a shipping lead time estimate or shipment status update.
    • Discounted shipping rates are offered without markup. Before proceeding to checkout, you can estimate shipping by adding an item to your cart and then viewing the cart.
    • Lifetime support for anyone with a SVALT product.
    • 30-day return and 1-year limited warranty for US customers.
    • SVALT is a local company based in Portland, Oregon. Oregon does not collect sales tax.
    • International customers are responsible for paying their country’s import fees and taxes upon delivery.
    • See policies for additional details.
  • The Cooling Dock product line includes the new next generation D2 Pro II and D1 Pro II models, as well as an updated D model. All three models include universal support and cooling designed for all Mac and PC laptops, with optimization for current generation Mac laptops. All orders have included the new or updated models since September 2020. You can learn more about these models on this product page, as well as the New D2/D1 Pro II Press Release and Updated D Press Release.

    In support of our existing customers, we offer the following upgrade options:
    • Existing D2 Pro and D1 Pro customers: We can transfer your existing D2 Pro or D1 Pro cooling system into a new Pro II aluminum cradle with new venting and new padding, as well as a new thermistor location for D2s. The transfer includes cooling system cleaning, as well as a firmware update for D2s. The cost depends on your original model and its condition, please contact us to request a quote.
    • Existing D1 Pro customers: Purchase a new D2 Pro II or D1 Pro II and then receive a partial refund when you return your original D1 Pro model. The refund amount depends on product condition, please contact us for details and a refund estimate.
    • Existing D customers: Purchase a set of Laptop Retention Pads at our material cost.

Running in clamshell mode traps heat while external displays and pro apps can make laptop fans scream, degrade hardware reliability and reduce performance.

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