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  • SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock with MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina display Cinco workstation
  • SVALT D Performance Cooling Dock with MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina display and Apple Thunderbolt Display
  • SVALT Cooling Dock (D) with MacBook Pro 16-inch
  • SVALT Cooling Stand Pro (S Pro) with MacBook Pro 16-inch

Laptop Workstations
Laptops have become essential tools for working remotely and telecommuting. They contain enough processing power to replace dedicated desktop computers for most applications and can even handle intensive computing workloads such as photo, video and audio production. The issue with using a laptop for high-demand work is that the laptop’s small built-in cooling system and mobility orientated screen/keyboard ergonomics can fall short when you need to crank at work or your home office.

SVALT products were created and tested in the field, by a designer who understands the demands placed on a professional’s machine and set out to address these issues. SVALT products help improve laptop productivity for professionals who need the best of both worlds with on-the-go laptop portability and maximum performance at the office to do their jobs effectively. With unrivaled cooling to help unlock peak performance potential and elevated workstation ergonomics, SVALT can turn your laptop into a fully-operation workstation so you can get more done.

The SVALT Cooling Stand models S and S Pro have been optimized for the 16-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pro, while universal support and robust build work with other Mac / PC laptops, including large gaming laptops. Laptops can be used with the screen open or closed in clamshell mode. The Cooling Stand product line is a modular system that allows users to reconfigure models, including the S Mini model that works with Mac Mini desktops.

The SVALT Cooling Dock uses a leaning vertical support for closed-screen clamshell setup with external display and keyboard. The leaning support allows the laptop screen to open for powering on while the laptop is securely held within a padded cradle and connected to cables. The Dx Pro, D2 Pro, D1 Pro and D models include a universal laptop cradle that supports the MacBook Pro and other Mac / PC laptops. The Dx / D1 Legacy was developed and optimized for prior generation Mac laptops and select PC laptops.

  • SVALT Cooling Stand Pro (S Pro) with MacBook Pro 16-inch cooling airflow
  • SVALT Cooling Dock model D2 Pro with 16-inch MacBook Pro cooling airflow
  • SVALT Cooling Dock model D1 Legacy with 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro cooling airflow
  • SVALT Cooling Dock model D with 16-inch MacBook Pro cooling airflow

Performance Unleashed
SVALT products were created to bridge the gap between performance and portability. Unlike other products on the market, SVALT products have been designed specifically to transform laptops into professional workstations, working in unison with your laptop’s design, rather than simply treating the symptom of heat with superficial cooling. And unlike other products on the market, SVALT products have been rigorously performance tested, and used by a variety of professionals to reduce or eliminate throttling for sustained performance.

The SVALT Cooling Stand model S uses a passive cooling system that maximizes natural cooling air currents to efficiently and silently cool the laptop. The model S Pro includes an active cooling system that works with the passive cooling system to significantly accelerate laptop cooling while keeping noise to a minimum. The cooling system provides active fan driven cooling and uses a bolted connection for easy installation and removal, as well as for the ability to convert between the three model configurations (S, S Pro and S Mini). The cooling system’s internal components use bolt and snap connections for easily access, servicing, replacement or upgrade. The speed control system uses a standard pin connection that works with 2, 3 and 4-pin fans.

The SVALT Cooling Dock model D includes a silent passive cooling system with air channel and a massive 3.3 pound aluminum heat sink. The Dx Pro, D2n Pro, D2 Pro and D1 Pro models include a 1.8 pound heat sink and fan driven convection cooling through vents that direct airflow at processors and then extend cooling airflow to the surround enclosure. The Dx, D2n, D2 and D1 cooling systems are modular, serviceable and interchangeable. The Dx / D1 Legacy model was developed for prior generation Mac laptops and select PC laptops with a center air intake vent that allows cooling air to be driven into the laptop for internal processor cooling.

SVALT Cooling Stand Pro (S Pro) with MacBook Pro 16-inch workstation ergonomics
Ergonomics Elevated
There are numerous sources on how to setup and maintain an ergonomic workstation, including Apple’s Ergonomics page, and most hit upon the following for both sitting and standing workstations:
  • Position the screen at eye level so that you look straight ahead, instead of looking down, up or to either side. The screen should be near enough that you can see the required level of detail without having to lean forward, but not so close that you have to constantly move your head around to see the full display.
  • Position the input devices, such as keyboard, mouse, trackpad, trackball and drawing implement where your hands fall when they are level with your elbows, your elbows are directly below your shoulders, and your shoulders are relaxed. The input devices should be directly in front of you so that you do not have to extend your hands outward or to either side.

The SVALT Cooling Stand uses heavy aluminum and steel construction to provide a solid support for even the largest PC gaming laptops, and to elevate the laptop display approximately eight inches above a work surface. This extra height brings the display closer to eye level for improved screen viewing ergonomics with less neck and back strain. This higher laptop display also helps align with an external display. Adjustable height feet level out uneven work surfaces or can be removed for securing the stand to a media cart or workstation. A solid front panel hides cord clutter and user accessories (storage drives and cable hubs), while straps hold cables out of site and ready for easy reconnection.

The SVALT Cooling Dock works with the laptop in clamshell mode to disable and help preserve battery, screen and keyboard life, while creating a more ergonomic setup with external display and keyboard of your choice. A compact pyramid shape and high-density mass reduce footprint while providing increased stability. Threaded underside holes can be used for securing the dock to a media cart or workstation.

Have It All
The quest for portability and productivity from a laptop shouldn’t be unattainable, considering how important both are to professionals. This is precisely why we created the SVALT Cooling Stand and Cooling Dock - to meet these demands for those that need the best of both worlds. As a company of like-minded professionals dealing with the same issue, we’re committed to solving this equation through excellence in design and functionality. If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly through our contact page.