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Ergonomic Laptop Workstations

SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock with MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina display Apple Thunderbolt Display Apple Wireless Keyboard Workstation

The SVALT Cooling Dock was created to transform laptops into more ergonomic, productive, powerful and professional desktop workstations.

Laptops are essential for handling professional applications and maintaining productivity throughout the workday, from meetings at the office to working in the field to working at home. Laptops have become so powerful that many have replaced dedicated desktop computers for even the most intensive computing workloads. While laptops are incredibly effective mobile computing devices, the laptop’s built-in screen and keyboard/mouse configuration can fall short of providing good workstation ergonomics and productivity during prolonged use at the office.

There are numerous sources on how to setup and maintain an ergonomic workstation, including Apple’s Ergonomics page, and most hit upon the following for both sitting and standing workstations:
  • Do not lock in a position. Do not crunch up your body or limbs. Instead stay loose with a more neutral and comfortable sitting or standing position, with maintaining a good posture with head, neck, shoulders, back, legs and arms.
  • Position the screen at eye level so that you look straight ahead, instead of looking down, up or to the sides. The screen should be near enough that you can see the required level of detail without having to lean forward, but not so close that you have to constantly move your head around to see the full display.
  • Position the input devices, such as keyboard, mouse, trackpad, trackball and drawing implement, where your hands fall when roughly level with your elbows positioned at your sides with shoulders relaxed. The input devices should be directly in front of you so that you do not have to extend your hands out or to either side.
SVALT workstation advantages:
  • Turbo charge the laptop’s comparatively small cooling system to help reduce processor throttling and improve performance when running high-demand applications for extended periods of time.
  • Disable the laptop’s built-in screen to preserve screen life.
  • Disable the laptop’s built-in screen to free up system power and avoid performance throttling induced by a limited power supply.
  • Disable the laptop’s built-in screen to help optimize graphics performance for driving multiple full-sized and high-resolution external displays.
  • Place two or more identical external displays side-by-side to provide a cleaner digital desktop setup.
  • Use two or more large external displays located at eye level to avoid looking down and help improve workstation ergonomics.
  • Use separate keyboard, trackpad, trackball, mouse or drawing device of your choice to help improve workstation ergonomics and productivity.
  • Regain valuable desktop space and help to create a more clean, open and modern workspace.
  • See Laptop Clamshell Setup to learn more about operating a laptop in clamshell mode and setting up a SVALT clamshell workstation.

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