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SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock with MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina display Apple Thunderbolt Display Apple Wireless Keyboard Workstation

The SVALT Cooling Dock was designed to deliver business return on investment (ROI) by providing mobile professionals and modern corporations a laptop workstation that is both flexible and powerful.

One Computer Solution

Many professionals and corporate employees require a laptop to run applications throughout the workday, from meetings to traveling to working in the field and at home. Modern laptops are often powerful enough to replace dedicated desktop computers, which can save time and money by not having to procure a separate desktop computer, license additional software, and provide extra IT maintenance.
  • The SVALT Cooling Dock transforms Apple laptops from mobile devices into professional desktop workstations. SVALT workstations reduce costs by providing a single computer solution for the modern mobile workforce. Learn more about design.

Turbo Charge Performance

When using a laptop as a desktop computer, it is common to run high-demand application for extended periods. Under these conditions a laptop’s comparatively small built-in cooling system can fail to keep up, leading to a heat meltdown with internal fans spinning at max, heat building up throughout the system, potentially degrading component reliability, processor throttling and slower performance.
  • The SVALT Cooling Dock is the first and only product of its kind that uses a two pound aluminum heat sink and desktop sized fan to drive cooling air directly onto laptop processors in order to turbo charge the laptop's built-in cooling system and unleash its peak performance potential. SVALT workstations increase return on investment by helping professionals and creatives get work done without a laptop meltdown. Learn more about performance.

Workstation Productivity

Using a laptop for hours at a time can lead to physical strain from looking down at the laptop’s built-in screen and using the built-in keyboard and trackpad. Using one or more bright, large and high-resolution displays aligned side-by-side with external keyboard and mouse device helps create a more ergonomic workstation configuration.
  • The SVALT Cooling Dock not only helps to improve graphics performance through cooling, but a leaning clamshell configuration directs airflow onto processors and switches off the built-in display so that graphic resources can be dedicated to driving multiple full-sized and high-resolution external displays. Combined with a user’s preferred external keyboard and mouse, the SVALT Cooling Dock creates a more ergonomic workstation. SVALT workstations increase productivity by creating a more capable laptop workstations where it is needed the most, at the office. Learn more about clamshell mode and about ergonomic workstations.

Flexibility, Convenience and Style

Professional and corporate equipment is about getting work done. Simple setup, convenient operation, low maintenance, high durability and the flexibility to work in a variety of conditions are critical features, while professional equipment should also reflect company values and reinforce brand identity.
  • The SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock’s automatic cooling mode provides simple set-it-and-forget-it operation, keeping things quite and even shutting down the fan in standby mode when temperatures are low. A number of advanced and customizable configurations are available for individual employees to use or for IT to set as the default cooling mode. Wireless pairing or software installation is not required for simple setup and increased security. Learn more about operation.
  • The SVALT Cooling Dock’s adjustable pad and leaning configuration accommodates a wide range laptops without requiring any laptop modification, and supports all of the Apple laptops one would expect to find in a corporate or large design office, along with the flexibility to help accommodate future models. That means the SVALT Cooling Dock does not required the purchase of additional inserts or models, and that a single dock can be used at a variety of workstations, or conversely, a single dock can be used with a variety of employee laptops. Learn more about compatibility.
  • The SVALT Cooling Dock’s substantial aluminum cradle provides a stable leaning angle that resists tipping. The padded leaning configuration allows for an easy clamshell mode power on process and Touch ID access while the laptop remains securely inside the padded cradle with cable connections in place. This not only makes for a quicker transition from mobile to desktop operation, but avoids dropping the laptop as you attempt to pick it up, open the screen, press the power button, quickly close the screen and then return it to the dock all while cables are attached. Learn more about setup.
  • The SVALT Cooling Dock’s compact footprint and leaning configuration opens up the desktop work surface so more work can be done, while creating a cleaner workspace. See example workstations.
  • The SVALT Cooling Dock is more than a performance laptop accessory, it is an elegant workstation furnishing that leaves a mark of refined style. Precision-crafted in Portland, Oregon, the SVALT Cooling Dock is made with ethical manufacturing and labor. Learn more about quality.

Volume Discounts and Support

Discounts are available when ordering multiple SVALT Cooling Docks, please contact us at Once you have your SVALT Cooling Dock, then we will help you with setting up your workstation and assist with anything that comes up during the product’s use.

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