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SVALT D2 black and green Cooling Dock with 14-inch Razer Blade laptop

In the world of gaming and high-demand applications, many people want the same thing, a device that can be used anywhere, anytime. Whether you're mobile or back at your home or office, the same laptop is a gaming powerhouse or a production workhorse. The SVALT Cooling Dock is the first and only workstation solution of its kind that turbo charges select Apple, Razer Blade and other laptop cooling systems to help unleash peak performance potential so you can game longer without a meltdown.

Using Laptops For Gaming
Having nearly endless options available leads to an impression that a single product should perfectly meet all of our needs. When it comes to computers there’s virtually no limit to the variety of options to choose from. We can wear computers on our wrists with smart watches. Smartphones range from easily pocketable to tablet size. Tablets range from phone size to laptop size. Laptops range from ultrabook to desktop only briefcase sized. Desktops range from miniature boxes to all-in-one PCs to monster towers that are too large to fit on just about any desktop. Some people have the interest, time and resources to purchase and maintain operations on all of these computer devices. However, many choose to limit their computing devices to a smartphone that is always with you for less demanding workloads and a more powerful laptop that can handle intense computing workloads, both while on the go also while at the office.

Selecting a laptop as your main productivity and gaming device can help make life and work easier as it remains the most flexible computing device and the only device that can provide a single complete computing solution. When mobile you have the capacity and power to handle large files running in professional applications. When at the office you can connect your laptop to external peripheries to expand capabilities to create a more powerful and more ergonomic laptop workstation. For gaming you can continue playing whether traveling or at your home.

Gaming is available on just about any device, from online to smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops to dedicated gaming systems, however, the best gaming experience comes from the most interactive and immersive systems, such as gaming with a large external monitor/TV or by wearing VR headset. More computing power with higher frame rates are typically required to deliver a gaming experience that is as immersive, detailed, and an accurate representation of reality as possible. Historically those interested in the best gaming experience have built custom gaming desktops that could handle gaming’s intensive computer and cooling demands, however, many wish to game in a variety of locations and do not want to run a dedicated gaming desktop because of the time, cost and space required. As a result, many turn to laptops for both mobile and desktop gaming.

When gaming on a laptop there are a number of factors to consider, such as the following native operating systems:
  • Apple laptops with macOS (OS X) games.
  • Apple laptops with Windows OS games run through either a virtual machine in macOS for less demanding games and applications, or alternatively booting up directly in Windows through Apple’s Boot Camp for running more intensive games and applications.
  • PC laptops with Windows OS.
While nearly all games are available for Windows OS and in the past macOS has suffered from a limited selection of serious games, more and more games are now being released for macOS. As of 2016 the number of macOS games has finally reached the point that many will find the selection and performance to be sufficient, and so no longer need to consider other options. However, if a game isn’t available on macOS or if you want to overclock the graphics processor, you can run Windows on your Apple through Boot Camp or use a PC laptop.

Another factor to consider is your laptop’s ability to handle a game’s performance requirements, such as with the following laptops:
  • Super thin and small ultrabooks (MacBook w/ 12-inch Retina display) typically include a mobile processor with integrated graphics (iGPU) that runs at lower speeds as a result of a little to no built-in cooling system. Running these laptops hard for an extended period of time may result in substantial processor throttling, reduced performance and problematic game play.
  • Slightly larger and thicker laptops (MacBook Air w/ 11 and 13-inch displays; MacBook Pro w/ 13-inch Retina display; Razer Blade Stealth) that include an air cooling system use more powerful dual-core processors with integrated graphics (iGPU). These laptops offer better gaming performance, however, the cooling systems may max out when gaming, resulting in throttling and reduced gaming performance.
  • Full sized laptops (MacBook Pro w/ 15-inch Retina display; Razer Blade) include a larger air cooling system that can support more powerful quad-core CPU processors and a dedicated graphics processor (dGPU). These laptops provide overall higher gaming performance, however, the more powerful CPU and GPU processors also generate significantly more heat, especially when maxed out during extended gaming sessions, which can lead to throttling and reduced gaming performance.
Even though laptops have continued to offer more and more computing power, maximum performance continues to be hampered by the space required to house a cooling system powerful enough to prevent heat induced performance throttling.

Superior Gaming Performance with the SVALT Cooling Dock
The SVALT Cooling Dock was designed for high-demand users and applications, such as video production, photo editing, 3D modeling, and gaming. All of these uses push a laptop to run near, at or beyond the laptop’s built-in cooling capacity. Gaming is notorious for seriously heating up a system, which can lead to performance throttling, lower frame rates, lagging or jittery play, prolonged exposure to hardware frying temperatures, fans running at max, generating a lot of noise, and generally stressing out systems. The heat issue coupled with a gamers desire to play on large external displays, such as 4K TVs, and with full sized keyboard, button programmable mice and other gaming specific input devices makes the SVALT Cooling Dock a crucial part of an ultimate laptop gaming setup. With the SVALT Cooling Dock you can have it all, with mobile gaming and more immersive gaming at the desk with cranked up settings, even overclocking* a dedicated GPU in Windows through Boot Camp or with a PC laptop. See how the SVALT Cooling Dock performs in our Performance By Design page, and see Razer Blade testing.

* We're not endorsing overclocking but are acknowledging that people do for their own reasons. Overclocking is an advanced configuration, and users who choose to exceed a manufacturer's recommended usage do so at their own risk.

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