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The SVALT Cooling Stand and SVALT Cooling Dock help provide solutions to laptop portability and performance, an all-too familiar issue for freelancers and creative professionals who need the best of both worlds to do their jobs effectively. A great designer with a tired laptop that freezes or throttles will miss deadlines, work in frustration, and probably be out-performed by lesser contemporaries. That’s the reality creative freelancers face in today’s hyper competitive climate. In our latest post, we’re looking at the demands of life on the go for freelancers, the quest for both portability and performance in a laptop, and how the SVALT Cooling Stand and Cooling Dock can turn your laptop into a fully-operation workstation, giving creative professionals a competitive edge.

A Change In Creative Workforce
According to the Intuit Report, over 40% of the American workforce will be “contingent workers”, i.e. freelance contractors, by 2020. In a nutshell, this means that close to 60 million people across the country will be their own boss, working from their homes, and using their own equipment to make ends meet, all within the next 5 years.

Amidst the sea of reasons for this shift in corporate culture, there are three major forces driving the wheels of change: 1) a thriving startup and tech culture that is rippling across the world, and 2) the rise of a millennial workforce who are more committed to an evenly spread work-life balance than landing a 9-5 day job in an office. Finally, 3) the recession of 2008 cost many a skilled job during its demolition run, driving individuals out on their own and becoming necessity entrepreneurs. Now that the economy had recovered, those same professionals are less than thrilled about rejoining a system that spits them out every decade, especially now that independence has become an informed choice, rather than their only choice.

Given the backdrop of change fueling the structure of the creative workforce, it’s important to note two things: there’s no shortage of work available for good freelancers, and there is a bottomless valley separating average from good work in all major fields: design, branding, video production, photography, coding, programming, et al.

While the dream of being a freewheelin’ freelancer might sound like a lifestyle of early cocktails and creative carte’ blanche, the reality is that work on your own time comes with high expectations and zero guarantees. In fact, as a contractor, you should be outperforming your peers who are willing to put nine hours a day in at the office. The rising tide of technology and information has meant that consumer expectations are at their peak when it comes to end-to-end customer experience.

While life working outside the parameters of a 9-5 comes with independence, life without working parameters can be a constant hustle. Your professional life bleeds into the day to day grind, since you’re never essentially off the clock. Meetings, pitches, presentations, demos, photo shoots and sprints at your home-office desk need to happen according to client deadlines, rather than prescribed working hours.

Maintaining a fluid schedule means putting 110% in at all those intermittent moments, where work is threaded into the fabric of your day in tight intervals. If you’re going from a photoshoot to a meeting, and need to upload two hundred shots and start editing the moment you get home, your laptop can’t stall.

Where The SVALT Cooling Stand and Cooling Dock Adds Value
The SVALT Cooling Stand and Cooling Dock were created to bridge the gap between performance and portability for freelance professionals who use Mac laptops. It’s an accessory that provides support for your machine during those long stints of work that connect the dots between life on the go (the meetings, photo shoots and cafe-coding sprints that happen on the fly) and marathon office work sessions. Unlike other products on the market, the SVALT Cooling Stand and Cooling Dock have been designed specifically to transform Mac laptops into professional desktop workstations, working in unison with your machine’s design, rather than simply treating the symptom of heat with superficial cooling.

Cool By Design
The laptop you use says a lot about the type of work you do. While there’s a bevy of MacBook options available, the issue with using a portable machine for high-demand work is that you’ll sacrifice a performance-indicator at some point for the sake of mobility. This should not be the case when you need to crank at a work or home office. The SVALT Cooling Stand and Cooling Dock were created and tested in the field, by a designer who understands the demands placed on a creative professional’s machine and set out to address these issues.

Having It All
The quest for speed and performance from a laptop shouldn’t be unattainable, considering how important both are to the work of creative freelancers. This is precisely why we created the SVALT Cooling Dock - to meet these demands at the moments you need the best of both worlds. As a company of like-minded professionals dealing with the same issue, we’re committed to solving this equation through excellence in design and functionality - which is exactly that SVALT stands for.

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