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Cool By Design

SVALT D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock


Innovative By Design
SVALT designer and founder, Chad Kirkpatrick, gives us a closer look at the nuts, bolts and incredible research that went into designing the SVALT Cooling Dock - the first and only product of its kind.
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Performance By Design
See how the SVALT Cooling Dock performs and learn about SVALT’s exacting testing standards.
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Quality By Design
SVALT founder, Chad Kirkpatrick, provides a glimpse into his obsession with using quality materials, local manufacturing and a passion for craft to create SVALT products.
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Read what customers and press are saying about SVALT Cooling Docks.
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See photos of example professional SVALT professional laptop workstations.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
If you have questions about the SVALT Cooling Dock, then this is a great place to start.
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Laptop Throttling
To understand how the SVALT Cooling Dock works you first need to understand the fundamentals of computer heat management and the role cooling plays in computer performance.
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Laptop Compatibility
Learn what devices are compatible with the SVALT Cooling Dock.
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Laptop Clamshell Setup
Learn how to setup and operate an Apple MacBook laptop in clamshell mode and how to setup the ultimate laptop workstation with the SVALT Cooling Dock.
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Laptop Buyer’s Guide
Looking for a new laptop? Read SVALT’s comprehensive guide to buying the right MacBook to suit your needs and interests.
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Complete Apple Buyer’s Guide
Trying to sort through the wide range of Apple devices and need some help to figure out what type of devices will best meet your needs? Checkout SVALT’s overview of Apple’s devices.
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Laptop Speed Tips
SVALT’s expert tips on reducing laptop heat to increase its speed and get all the performance your computer can deliver.
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Ergonomic Workstations
Learn how to create an ergonomic laptop workstation.
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Corporate and Enterprise Workstations
Learn how the SVALT Cooling Dock has been optimized for corporate workstation productivity and return on investment.
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Freelance Workstations
Learn about changes in the creative workforce and why freelancers use SVALT laptop workstations to maintain maximum portability while achieving peak performance at the office.
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Gaming Workstations
Learn about the advantages of gaming on a laptop and how a SVALT Cooling Dock workstation allows you to have it all, with both mobile gaming and more immersive gaming at cranked up settings when back at your workstation.
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Razer Blade Performance Test
Do you have a Razer Blade and want to game with less throttling or with overclocking? Checkout SVALT’s preliminary performance tests.
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Workstation Display Buyers Guide
Learn about external display compatibility and configurations for Apple clamshell laptop workstations.
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Workstation Keyboard Photos
Interested in creating a stunning and powerful Apple laptop workstation? Checkout SVALT’s Apple accessory photos.
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